i know i shouldn’t make excuses,
to love gently with magic kisses;
for even the hardest of all hearts
melt when filled with caresess.

so tonight i send you this light,
to guide your way make it right;
for no matter how great our strife
i love you eventhough and despite.

the space between us is daunting,
we can go on endless blame throwing;
for lo, truth be told it is our own doing
love left us before we started believing.

and so upon this blurry midnight sky,
i ask the universe to send you a lullaby;
with warm embraces and a loving cry
“i love you, let’s give it another try.”

For Sadje’s


“why? i don’t know. maybe i was young and naive. perhaps i was young and injudicious. maybe i was young and haughty. or maybe, i was trusting you’d fight for me, for us.

but you did not. you let me go without fighting a damn good worthy fight.

with tears in my eyes, i sauntered away. i walked away with pride in my mind and remorse in my heart. i marched away with a love i not once get to say.”

Locker – A Collection of Poetic Flash Fiction Stories, releasing soon worldwide in all platforms in all formats.

The Utkrisht Prerna Puraskar – The Global Award Of 2023 By The Update India

thank you India 🇮🇳, with love and gratitude from the Philippines 🇵🇭

“In celebration of extraordinary talent and profound influence, The Update India, a leading news and awareness website in India proudly unveils the illustrious recepients of The Utkrisht Prena Puraskar- The Global Award 2023. The coveted award bestowed upon individuals who have left an indelible mark in their respective domains, recognizes the impact they have had over the years. “

Powerhouses of Excellence: Meet the Recipients of The Utkrisht Prerna Puraskar – The Global Award Of 2023 By The Update India

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Heaven (Sealed and Delivered)

Heaven (Sealed and Delivered)


they say is peace
tonight your kiss;
i tasted, and i thought

what would i need to do
to keep your kiss forever?


they say is joy
tonight your embrace;
i felt, and i wondered

how much longer
can i hold you in my arms?


they say is utopia
tonight your love;
i welcomed, and i pondered

how much would it cost
to have your love always?


i write this letter
to you my love;
sealed, and i marveled

will heaven hear my plea
to have you ’till eternity?

For Reena’s

Vote -That Firewoman on Spillwords

My poem “That Firewoman”, a poem I wrote in celebration of the International Firefighters Day last May 4, 2023 is nominated for Publication of the Month on Spillwords Press NYC along with other brilliant pieces from amazing poets/writers worldwide.

Thank you to Dagmara K. and to the entire team of Spillwords for publishing my poem and for their support to all of my works.

Thank you too, to all my loving and loyal readers for their never -ending love and support and for making this poem “That Firewoman”, trending/popular post on Spillwords leading to this nomination.

If you love the poem, kindly click this link to vote.

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“War” by Michelle Ayon Navajas

Thank you Barbara for publishing the story of Ehsan. May we all learn a lesson or two from his story. May we also choose kindness over violence.

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Lastly, here is my appeal to all fathers: if you cannot be responsible at least be gentle and kind.

MasticadoresUsa // Editor: Barbara Leonhard

(… based on a true story) Ehsan had to endure his father's outrage whenever he came home drunk. He'd beat him so hard he could barely walk the next day. Worst, he'd always miss school because of this. His father is an excellent provider. He sent them to an outstanding school and provided them with the best house, clothes, and anything a young child would want. He is the best father, except when he is drunk. Drinking has always been an issue for so long. In fact, Ehsan's mother attempted many times to convince his father to undergo therapy or check-in in at a rehabilitation facility. Despite all the efforts, Ehsan's father remained blind to the fact that he had an alcohol addiction. It wasn't the beating that hurt Ehsan the most. It was the fact that his mother remained silent about it. Martyrdom, that's what anyone called it. One…

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Hush (A Triple Haiku)

Hush (A Triple Haiku)

good- natured fellow
ready to snuggle with you
warm comfortable love.

“hush” the loving one
adorable playful and fun
best buddy to relax.

good – natured fellow
come run let us have some fun
end the day with love.

Suzette’s prompt guidelines

• Write: A) a haiku, OR: B) a tanka on the theme of “a favorite way to relax / unwind”

From Best-Selling Sensation to Unforgettable Wordsmith: The Extraordinary Journey of Michelle Ayon Navajas

such a good news to wake up to on a hot Wednesday morning 👇👇👇

thank you “The Update India” for this feature story.

“In addition to her poetic prowess, Michelle is captivating readers with her latest book, “Locker,” a collection of fictional stories that promise to ignite a range of emotions. Calling its success ‘anticipated’, Michelle expressed her excitement, stating, “This new book of fictional short stories holds a special place in my heart, and I knew it will resonate deeply with readers, much like it has resonated with me.”

Michelle’s literary achievements are unparalleled, with four consecutive books making their way onto Amazon’s best-sellers list, including “I Will Love You Forever, Too,” “After Rain Skies, 2nd Edition,” “It Ain’t Winning If Without You,” and “I Am In Itself Poetry In The Dark.” Moreover, three of her books have secured the coveted #1 spot on Amazon’s Hot New Releases/New Releases list.

As a distinguished freelance content writer and blogger, Michelle’s online presence has flourished, amassing over 100,000 hits on her blog. Her poetic contributions have graced the pages of esteemed international literary magazines and anthologies such as Spillwords NYC, MasticadoresUsa, and MasticadoresIndia. Notably, her poems “Holding Hands” and “Love Happens” were crowned as Spillwords Publications of the Month in November 2021 and December 2022, respectively.

Michelle’s talent extends beyond her individual work, as she has made significant contributions to award-winning poetry anthologies like “Hidden In Childhood” and “Wounds I Healed,” further solidifying her status as a luminary in the literary realm.

Having earned a Master of Education degree with a major in English from the University of San Agustin, Iloilo City, Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her craft. Previously serving as a college professor, she imparted her wisdom in literature, speech and oral communication, creative writing, drama, and theater arts. Furthermore, Michelle holds a degree in Mass Communications, majoring in Journalism, from Centro Escolar University, Manila.”

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Bleeding Pen

Bleeding Pen

my pen bleeds
of sadness and heartaches;
of pains and griefs,
of troubles and sorrows,
’till when?
i don’t know,
maybe until the sadness ends,
or the heartaches cease,
(do they?)
maybe when the pain is over
or grief is long gone,
(will they?)
for now,
i will let it bleed
let it flow,
don’t worry it will be over
maybe not soon
but it will;
and when it happens know,
that you will become, nothing but
a recorded soliloquy of a once bleeding pen.



pain is the initial cut of the scalpel
upon an open surgery,
dissecting through the deepest part of my body
’till the anesthesia,
takes in full control bringing me to a complete sleep –
pain, is gone;
i knew pain that way –
but, absolute pain doesn’t feel like that at all,
not even close,
it feels like a million initial cuts of millions of scalpels upon an open surgery,
with the anesthesia completely numbing your mind, but not your body;
and you slowly agonize as each layer of your skin is being lacerated –
your mind wonders; your soul afloats,
your body wishes for a slow motion movement,
hoping that at some point,
you’d be completely free from the pain-
but, lo and behold, no!
as the clock ticks faster, the pain gets more excruciating,
with every cut a multi layered wound is opened,
feeling the pain against the pain – agonizing upon the thought,
that i only have two options left before i lost control of my sanity – 
one, i’d signal a stop
two, i’d endure the pain;
i chose the latter –
i’d hold on to my pain no matter what,
‘cos for now that’s the only connection i have with you.

pain is the wound i try to heal with bandages
and medications; or so i thought.

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge