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It’s cold… so cold..and I’m all by myself here in this large yet empty room…it’s spacious..yes..and beautifully decorated..but that’s all there is to it… just an expensive and ridiculous replacement for a family…. -says a child longing for his parents’ … Continue reading

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Express Yourself

Uninspired…Corrupted… Preoccupied…Confused…Alone… these are the words that hinder most aspiring writers….writing is an art – a form of self- expression,and lack of inspiration, corruption,preoccupation, confusion, and the state of solitude, block one’s self from freely expressing his feelings…

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ikan goreng

If i change my ways, will you appreciate me? will i be good enough? will you finally set me free? from this cage so dark and muddy? tied down by guilt, I’m trapped. If i promise i’ll improve, will you … Continue reading

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siloso beach resort

A day and a moment… a sunrise and a sunset… a life and me… a wish it could be… A snapshot of siloso beach in the morning. This photo was taken during Our stay in this resort last April 24 … Continue reading

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I was having breakfast with my Aunt and her friend who went on a holiday trip with us. My aunt’s friend suddenly said ” i wish we could have this kind of life for the rest of our days….a delicious … Continue reading

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Its been a while since i have stopped working; but honestly, there are moments when i would pause and say “what would have i become if i did not quit my job?”..for the longest time i believed that we could … Continue reading

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fairy tales

I remembered a story once told to me by a friend…this is what the story is about…. Day 1… You smiled at me with the warmest glow; you greeted me with the kindest hello. then no words uttered, till you … Continue reading

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