It’s cold… so cold..and I’m all by myself here in this large yet empty room…it’s spacious..yes..and beautifully decorated..but that’s all there is to it… just an expensive and ridiculous replacement for a family…. -says a child longing for his parents’ love and attention-

ikan goreng

If i change my ways, will you appreciate me? will i be good enough? will you finally set me free? from this cage so dark and muddy? tied down by guilt, I’m trapped. If i promise i’ll improve, will you tell me something shrewd? will you lie to me and say, that one day i’llContinue reading “ikan goreng”

siloso beach resort

A day and a moment… a sunrise and a sunset… a life and me… a wish it could be… A snapshot of siloso beach in the morning. This photo was taken during Our stay in this resort last April 24 to April 29. It’s like a jungle in the city- with its “back to basics”Continue reading “siloso beach resort”


I was having breakfast with my Aunt and her friend who went on a holiday trip with us. My aunt’s friend suddenly said ” i wish we could have this kind of life for the rest of our days….a delicious breakfast overlooking the beach…a hotel room accommodation ….a daily helper who would graciously say “canContinue reading “dreams”

Paulo Coelho

Paolo Coelho is such a brilliant writer. So brilliant that i actually realized i have journeyed along with him through his novels… They say a writer never runs out of idea. But last night,… for a while I thought i did. It was terrible, having the flu, the colds…..i couldn’t think of something worthy writing.Continue reading “Paulo Coelho”

Shopping Spree

When others travel abroad they are excited about seeing new places…eating new dishes…experiencing new adventures…meeting new people…learning new languages…. (my list could actually go a long long way..) BUT ME? when I travel abroad..(which I always do with my family) I am excited about only one thing…SHOPPING… a hundred colored choices filling my sight inContinue reading “Shopping Spree”

The “in betweens”

I am a million miles away from home. The distance is suffocating…deafening…exhilarating…this is nothing compared to the distance we’ve created even if we’re not a million miles apart; the distance between our families…our friends…our siblings…our in-laws..our neighbors…and often times the distance between the very person we claimed we love the most. Yes! This is theContinue reading “The “in betweens””

celebrating life in poetry

life as we know it is a migraine-inducing thing (it’s not even a thing)…to celebrate its joys and sorrows, its triumphs and defeats,… it’s amazing….after all, ONE LIFE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world so …to kick off my day and make my life beautiful as it has always been, I would have (iContinue reading “celebrating life in poetry”