shopping spree

When others travel abroad they are excited about seeing new places…eating new dishes…experiencing new adventures…meeting new people…learning new languages…. (my list could actually go a long long way..) BUT ME? when i travel abroad..(which i always do with my family) I am excited for only one thing….SHOPPING….

a hundred colored choices

filling my sight in a glimpse;

so delicate, so soft, so elegant

touching you is what i want;

intricately and perfectly laid

choosing is difficult indeed.

i could pick one anyway

knowing you makes me wanna stay;

so close, so smooth, so sweet

touching makes me fall off my feet;

sophisticated and enchanted you are made

making up my mind as i persuade.

should it be the one i adore?

or just bear what my desire could be.

somehow, someway i need to pick

my heart bleeds feeling like I’m prick;

my mind is truly torn

deciding makes me forlorn.

I can’t make up and decide

seeing furious faces as they hide;

annoyed by million years undecided

messing up everything offered;

by angry ladies as they plea

from fickle – minded shoppers like me.


i admit the general rule that every poet is a fool; but i guess every fool is not a poet….you see i would be a fool if i will not say there’s no other way to enjoy traveling than shopping; especially if your pocket is filled with extra bunch of cash…(that is..if you have..) well i guess you wouldn’t dare travel if in the first place you barely have ….or can you? .. would you?…


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