Heavenly As It Can Be

Some people come…some people go…some we remembered…some we have forgotten…some we hated..some we loved…but there are times when we meet people and we are surprised by how they have made an impact on our lives..

After quitting my job, i thought my world would be stuck in the four corners of our beautiful Spanish – Mediterranean inspired house. But i was wrong. I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to have worked with amazing educators who have truly inspired me. Here’s something for these ladies who i thought are really amazing and worth emulating…(maybe i just miss them….just maybe)

Four lovely ladies,

all dressed in fancy white sassy dresses.

The first is tall and pretty,

she could be a bet in the runway.

They say, she should not be strutting in fancy braces,

unfit for a muse in service.

To be holy, to be cheerful,

you don’t need a brace in full.

I say even the angels in heaven

would sing and dance with this maiden,

for her perfect white teeth with braces,

making her the most charming always.

The second is smart and witty,

she could be defending the poor and needy.

They say she’s better off as lawyer in the hall,

for she’s too inquisitive and highly intellectual.

I say, even Jesus needs a lawyer, though late,

she could have defended Him against Pilate

who chooses Barabas over Jesus.

With that, all the angels and saints

will be rejoicing and dancing merrily in heaven

for she chooses Jesus over the academe.

The third is small but terrible,

the most jolly of all.

always wanting perfect answers for imperfect queries.

I say even the high priest in the early times

would be glad for her conviction and singing prowess.

The choirs in heaven would welcome her surely,

for she makes the best song leader truly.

small and terrible indeed,

she’s the sweetest, should you know i bet.

The last of course is not the least, i was told,

she’s perfectly perfect for an imperfect world.

They say she’s too good to be true in fact,

she should see that reality bites and be tact.

I say, we are in dire need of someone like her,

who makes service filled with cheer.

I’m sure even Jesus needs a budget officer,

so i bet she’d have a perfect place there.

With these ladies around,

messing up could be no way bound.

So be truly cheerful and holy,

for they will help you fully.


I just thought this is a perfect tribute for the wonderful ladies who have been so wonderful and amazing…So if you guys think you need to say something for someone, do it now….never wait…who knows you might not have the time to do it…go ahead and tell them how much you appreciated them…them tell how much smile they have put on your face…tell them they have warmed your heart…tell them you have missed them.. and above all, tell them you LOVE them more than they have ever know…It may sound corny…funny..cheesy…but don’t you know that the corniest…the funniest..the cheesiest things are most of the times the ones that keep us all as one big happy family. Oh by the way…these ladies are the amazing Salesian Sisters..


3 Replies to “Heavenly As It Can Be”

  1. Reblogged this on Belovedgrace's Blog and commented:
    For the longest time, in my young life, I have wonderfully realized that the most precious treasures one can find along the journey are not made of silver or gold; nor do they get outdated or obsolete. They are the golden friendships that survive the test of time and difficulties. And somehow, they open your eyes to see the bursts of Provident sunshine and color-blessings that fill your life ❤

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