Paulo Coelho

Paolo Coelho is such a brilliant writer. So brilliant that i actually realized i have journeyed along with him through his novels… They say a writer never runs out of idea. But last night,… for a while I thought i did. It was terrible, having the flu, the colds…..i couldn’t think of something worthy writing. I came across an old notebook in which i have written some of the titles of the books I’ve read and have made an impact in my life…and that’s it!…I just got an idea….Thanks so much Paolo.. you are truly an inspiration..

Santiago was a young boy

in 1988 you created him in Alchemist.

i was in my ponytails and pigtails,

in 1988 a little girl so clueless.

twenty years after,

i met Santiago by dinner.

he said when you want something,

all the universe conspires in helping.

Along came Brida,

in 1990 you made.

a beautiful gypsy girl

whose quest for knowledge is amazing.

i was a growing to be like her,

in 1990 a high school teenage girl.

she said seek for the truth

never be scared for what have been sought.

You ventured to the Mojave desert,

in 1992 to find the Valkyries who assert

that finding your guardian angel

you need them badly for help.

1992  was the year to say

you realized trudging the desert is a dismay.

I was walking through another space

like you in the dessert i race.

By the river Piedra you placed

two lovers in such a maze.

In 1994 you proved that love

is indeed like a flying dove.

cage it and it will scream to death,

but let it go and it will fly back with great faith.

I was searching for the same passion

yet i let go and move on with fashion.

Elijah an obedient angel in 1997,

you created with pride and great sense.

You proved once more that obedience,

is such a value forgotten with negligence.

I entered college as freshman,

in an academe where there was no man,

to focus on my dreams

and be like Elijah on the Fifth Mountain.

In 1997 Veronica decides to die,

a perfect lady who commits suicide.

Confided in an asylum for a while,

she sees the whole world in a different style.

I was a young mother then, I tangled,

caring and nurturing as I struggled.

I see the world different as it used to be,

with a baby at hand i disregard being me.

In 2000 the Devil meets Ms. Prym,

taking responsibilities and actions in rhyme.

She said our conduct is a matter of control and choice,

indeed as I battle with my own evil’s choice.

I made things right by then,

fulfilling my dreams is what i mean.

Truly we battle everyday in life,

between good and evil we continue to strife.

Maria in 2003 was born

in Eleven Minutes you’ve shown,

true love is  being with someone

without possessing no one.

I was already focused and stable

with my family complete on the table.

It might take eleven minutes to stop,

and proclaim your live on top.

The Witch of Portobello in 2006 came to being,

searching for one true self in the beginning.

She said opening up to the energies of the world,

is one thing we should withstand and behold.

I have matured and become successful,

but continues to reach out to fulfill

a life of stability and contentment,

lies in opening oneself and atonement.

Indeed the Winner Stands Alone,

in 2008 you created in tone.

With the rise of the super class,

born Ewa, Igor, and Hamid who falls.

I was torn between work and family,

choosing the latter made life lovely.

As  Igor, Ewa and Hamid fell defeated,

I stood triumphantly even when I’m seated.

2010 came, Aleph you discovered,

a point where the whole universe is contained.

Hilal you met and converse,

in Aleph your only universe.

I have found my Aleph too,

in the arms of the one who truly knew,

in sickness and in health indeed,

true love once the world forbid.


You see, sometimes we read purposely only to be amazed…..little did we realize that we read what we read and we love the writers we love because at some point, our lives have met….our energies have been pulled together….our minds have been on the same level… and our paths have crossed (believe me we all did…in time…)


  1. my dear, you are like the lover who knew my heart strings and pulled them all shut and made hurt no more – I loved your tribute to Coelho, he has become one of my favourite writers because like you he says things that are in my heart I cannot say myself. This is such a gem Mich, really! I too am limited by the words this language has to say how brilliant it is. Write more like this, love the almost autobiographical words of this piece.

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    1. ohh thanks Gina..I will have to repost this I guess. ..cos I wrote that years ago when I have like I think 10 followers. maybe is the time ti share it again. ..
      Thanks so.much for your feedback ..glad to be affirmed on this…

      Liked by 1 person

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