fairy tales


I remembered a story once told to me by a friend…this is what the story is about….

Day 1…

You smiled at me with the warmest glow;

you greeted me with the kindest hello.

then no words uttered,

till you say “i’ll go”.

Day 2…

You stood beside me and say “how do you do?”

you added, “take care in whatever you do”.

then no words uttered,

till you say ” see you tomorrow”.

Day 3…

You were behind me saying “this is for you”;

you said ” go ahead have it with you”.

You begun talking, asking, and laughing;

you said “tis is wonderful in the making”.

then no words utterer,

till you say “i’ll be here tomorrow”.

Day 4…

You laugh at my silly jokes;

you smile at my petty mistakes.

you help me in any way;

you made me joyful all day.

you said “i’ll go with you”;

you added ” i’ll buy something for you”

then no words uttered,

till you say ” what about tomorrow?”

Day 5…

You arrived earlier;

you were merrier.

you throw me with a smile;

you’d converse with me for a while.

you showered me with so much affection;

you’d speak with the kindest attention.

you’re different this time;

you glow more and shine.

then no words uttered,

till you say ” i’ll call you later”.

Day 6….

you call me indeed;

you were outspoken and candid.

you said “wanna hear your voice”

you added ” no joke , no dice”.

then no words uttered,

till you say ” i ‘ll hung up for now”.

Day 7…

You arrive with something in your hand;

you said  “come and get it, don’t make me stand”.

you were smiling when you gave it over;

you added I’m sure you’ll remember this ever.

then no words uttered,

no calls made…

no warm glow….

no kind hello…..

no silly jokes….

no petty mistakes….

no showered affection…

no kindest attention….

It’s few weeks gone since i saw you last…


few weeks ago i got the chance to reconnect to this friend and i happen to ask the about the story she once told me…unfortunately though, she said they parted ways…. you see, sometimes events can be so tricky…. i thought all the while that these two would have a “happy ever after” ending, like the ones that we’ve seen in some fairytale inspired movies.. But… well, after all, life is not a fairy tale..there can never always be a happy ending..we can only make the most out of each events in our lives… even if they did not have their happy ending and even if life is not a fairy tale it doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own happy ending….it doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own fairy tale….it’s up to you…make your own happy ending…create your own fairy tale..after all..YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE….

Good luck!!!!.I believe in happy endings.. I believe in fairy tales… (in case you failed to read between the lines…for the record, i have my happy ending, i have a my own fairy tale)…


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