I Miss You


Three years had pass…

thought of you lingers,

memories so clear,

I can hold you really clear.

I miss you, I know for sure!

Three years had pass..

scent of you lingers,

running through the air,

I can kiss you near.

I miss you, I know for sure!

Three years had pass..

your soft cuddly touch embraces,

creeping through my being,

I can get closer even a thing.

I miss you , I know for sure!

Three years had pass..

hearing your sweet voice,

sincerely saying, “I love you baby”,

I can say ” I love you too, just stay”.

I miss you, I know for sure!

Three years had pass…

leaving me by surprise,

I was hurt, I was broken,

I can cry, I can scorn.

I miss you, I know for sure!

Three years had pass..

on this day in a mass,

I spoke to say goodbye,

a daughter’s eulogy and lullaby.

I miss you DAD, I know for sure!!


It’s been three years dad, and i am still missing you. I hope your happy up there….Oh by the way..Happy Birthday too!!


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23 Responses to I Miss You

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  2. amira says:

    Lovely tribute to your dad.

  3. jolies76 says:

    beautifully written

  4. michnavs says:

    Reblogged this on michnavs and commented:

    This poem appeared in my blog few years ago. I am reposting because i have current readers who may not able to see this.

    This is worth the repost.

  5. Sha'Tara says:

    I wonder what it would have been like to have had a father whose death one would mourn; whose absence one would sense, not as a relief but as an emptiness and a loss… I wonder.

  6. oglach says:

    It’s a very fine and human thing to hold our loved ones in our hearts and to share our memories of them with others. Beautiful poem.

  7. Such a beautiful tribute to your Dad. I know he is only a whisper away.. And he hears your thoughts and still feels your love for sure..
    LOVE binds us through all of eternity.. And I so feel this poem.. as I still miss my Dad also.. xxx

  8. Miriam says:

    So beautiful and heartfelt. It’s two months today since I lost my mum, I’m sure I’ll still be feeling heartache in three years. Lovely tribute to your dad.

  9. Lady G says:

    So sweet and so sincere! I understand. It’s been almost 4 years and I still miss my mother up there too 🙂
    God bless you 🙂

  10. Hi michnavs. lifes not an easy journey! Thank you for liking “Pyjamas Trend!” Peace and Best Wishes. TheFoureyedPoet.

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