It’s Always Fun in the Philippines

We were blessed to have spent summer abroad. It’s an annual event that we always look forward to as a family.  Its wonderful…its amazing…but i say…nothing beats HOME..

I’m counting down the reasons why i always love being back home.


                   pork adobo is what we craved,

                   chicken inasal is what we fancied,

                   Filipino spag is what we desired,

                    early morning pandesal is what we missed.

    i am a pizza, pasta type of girl. But when your out of the country for a little while you will surely miss Filipino foods..nothing beats our adobo. nothing even beats chicken inasal. nothing beats surely the sweet Filipino spaghetti- it is only in the Philippines where spaghetti is deliciously sweet…nothing beats the early morning walk to buy pandesal…

2. FRIENDS (and the way they make you smile)

               people come, people go,

               but a friend will stay, they do.

               they make you smile,

              they make you crazy for a while.


    I am not so sure if my there were people who miss me when i was away ..(sigh…..) but one thing i’m sure though..i miss a lot when i was out…well, whether they are your good or not so good friends…you will miss the beautiful genuine smile you get even from a strangest Filipino stranger.. and when your out of the country…you try to look for that same genuine smile from every stranger you encounter but i guess nothing compares to the smile you see back home.


                                its crazy, but amazing;

                                 its irritating, but loving.

                                a family dearest,

                               we always cherish.

    I know we all despise the fact that at some point, our relatives can be so annoying and disturbing for always wanting to know every single detail of our own personal and private lives… and at some point we all want them out of our lives..(i know you do..) but again, having been out for a while, it made me realized that one of the sweetest most magnificent gifts we have from God is the gift of family….they complete us ..they make us safe… they love us…they adore us…no matter how irritating or annoying they maybe.




                 children screaming,

                  people laughing,

                  neighbors fighting,

                  friends enjoying.


          it is only in the Philippines when you walk around and hear people screaming  as if wanting to kill each other and yet you see them at the end of the day enjoying an afternoon talk. it is only in the Philippines when neighbors scorn each other and yet you see them passing on a bowl of adobo at lunch. it is only in the Philippines when you can afford to sit down and basically do nothing all and manage to have a good meal. it is only in the Philippines when you get to hear your neighbors karaoke moments and never getting irritated for the unwanted noise.


    its indeed ALWAYS FUN in the PHILIPPINES …..



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