Father’s Day After

Father’s day is over, but i want to dedicate this space in honoring the father of my beautiful children.  It was with great disappointment that i had to face the fact that i married someone so different from my expectations.  How did i get over it? SIMPLE….DEAL WITH IT…..it isn’t so bad dealing with each others differences and laugh at the things that makes us so different.


                                                 ME: i like peanut butter

                                                 HE: mayo is what i prefer

                                               ME: i eat everything but beef

                                               HE: A meal is perfect with beef

                                           ME: And i like quite dinner together

                                           HE: conversation is what makes dinner lighter

                                           ME: i hate cracking jokes

                                           HE: Jokes is my life i guess

                                   ME: i’ll always ask for directions

                                   HE: finding my way is my choice

                                  ME: i like a walk in the mall

                                  HE: i would rather run and stroll              

                         ME: while i’m piling on the comforter

                         HE: I lay there bare and in comfort

                         ME: while i’m reading poetry

                        HE: i’d rather be watching tennis


TOGETHER: we’ve got differences wherever we turn, but still we stay together cause there’s a lesson to learn, that if we’re in every way the same, one of us would not be needed, and wouldn’t that be a waste?


I am fortunate to have shared your life, your hopes, your dreams and your bed these years….my only request is to have you forever….


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