Happy Birthday

Wonderful Birthday Gifts…..(to the one you love..)   1. Maintain a Lovely Physical Appearance (in other words watch your weight…)   beauty may be in the eye of the beholder; but women, you need to remember, men are visual, that’s a fact; so dress neatly and be tact, keep up a respectful appearance. whether on purposeContinue reading “Happy Birthday”

When Bad Luck Hits You

When bad luck hits you….or is it really bad luck? is there really such a thing as BAD LUCK…How can LUCK itself be BAD? with crumbling thoughts driving so fast; to a destination not certain yet; disappointment a bit… Hitting a wall is normal; stumbling a block is usual. slipping the floor is tolerable; chokingContinue reading “When Bad Luck Hits You”

Waiting in Vain

When you wake up in the middle of the night not knowing why could be traumatic for some; not for me…it allows me to write down my thoughts and even the thoughts of other people… last Sunday I saw a man running towards the entrance of the church (where we went)..it was raining and obviously,Continue reading “Waiting in Vain”

Potential Abuser

Born with a sweet tongue gifted with sagacity; pretending to be forthright and sinewy Man of eminence yet full of lunacy. Born full of wits expert to defraud have one’s name be mud; man of distinction yet full of furtive lies. Born with everything… …nothing but. ..a deceiver…   P.S. As my eldest daughter wentContinue reading “Potential Abuser”

Hark the Herald Angel – the musicale

Henry van Dyke said, “Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those who sang the best.” On an ordinary October afternoon, a group of Mazzarellians, after a casting audition, were chosen to play the roles of singing angels for St. Mary Mazzarello School’s first-ever ChristmasContinue reading “Hark the Herald Angel – the musicale”

Preventing Heart Attack

keeping a journal and talking about your emotional journey on a journal is probably one of the most effective way of getting through when things get tough…when you hit a bumpy road…when moments are far worst than the usual…when people are inconsiderate…..or even when no one else understands what your going through….the journal won’t complain;Continue reading “Preventing Heart Attack”

Mother – in- Law

In-laws are like muffins, cupcakes, cookies and chocolate bars….seemingly nice….seemingly sweet; but when put together in one plate …satisfaction not guaranteed… Time has not robbed my feelings toward my mother she’s still the sweet darling, and she’ll be forever mine. Age may have changed her face now furrow – laden, the beauty is still there;Continue reading “Mother – in- Law”