Mother – in- Law

In-laws are like muffins, cupcakes, cookies and chocolate bars….seemingly nice….seemingly sweet; but when put together in one plate …satisfaction not guaranteed…


Time has not robbed my feelings

toward my mother

she’s still the sweet darling,

and she’ll be forever mine.

Age may have changed her

face now furrow – laden,

the beauty is still there;

she is my ideal token.



I wonder if the same thing is being said by a man…a man who is about to get married… what happens now to the wife? will she be an ideal token too? Within the past years I have heard of so many jokes and tales about the controlling, opinionated mother – in – law, and the lazy disrespectful daughter-in- law, I wonder…WOULD THIS TWO WOMEN WHO LOVE THE SAME MAN EVER GET ALONG?    this may surprise you but my answer is ..without batting an eyelash … YES.

There are horror stories we’ve all heard about silently interfering nosy mother – in – law (add to that the sisters too). A friend of mine told me about hers who would secretly spy on her. Even though my friend laughs at this -her misguided mother – in- law (add the sisters), she is still hurt by such distrust and spitefulness..(who wouldn’t?)

When my eldest won the Bible quiz bee sometime last week, I became curious about reading the bible.. (never read it though… I only learn about it in literature).. then I came across the story of Ruth and Naomi. Ruth’s husband is Naomi’s son who died. Ruth came from a different ethnic group but Naomi accepted her wholeheartedly and always call him my “daughter”. When Ruth’s husband died, she doesn’t have any more legal obligation to stay with Naomi. But she did. It wasn’t an obligation that binds them together it was LOVE. Both Ruth and Naomi are fabulous examples of strong women who are in-laws and able to deal with each other…

I say the bible gave us a touching picture that a kind, loving relationship can actually exist between two in-laws…..with one word to remember: STRONG – strong enough to deal with every possible event, circumstances, that may stain your relationship….therefore the weak ones always get to be in trouble……worst comes to worst? ….walk away for a moment, lock your door and take the deepest breath possible.. then your good to go….trust me..its works…. I know!

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