Happy Birthday

Wonderful Birthday Gifts…..(to the one you love..)


1. Maintain a Lovely Physical Appearance (in other words watch your weight…)


beauty may be in the eye of the beholder;

but women, you need to remember,

men are visual, that’s a fact;

so dress neatly and be tact,

keep up a respectful appearance.

whether on purpose or by chance.


I read a book entitled, His Needs, Her Needs by Willard Harley; he tells about a couple who came in for counseling. They had been married for a long time. The wife quit her job and decided to stay at home. She began to gain weight. By the time they went for counseling, their marriage was in danger. The wife was hurt because she wanted her husband to see and love her for who she is inside. The husband was upset because he had assumed his wife could maintain and keep up her physical appearance. Granted that there are men who don’ t  care whether their wives are overweight or not; good looking or not. They have other emotional needs that are far more important than physical appearance. Sadly, though in the case of this couple, the wife did not marry one of these men. In fact, she married a man for whom physical appearance matters to him…This is a story which reminds us to keep our promise of bringing out the very best of us for our husband.. this is something women shouldn’t take for granted.. it’s not impossible.. I don’t mean here perfection in appearance. Take it from me….it’s not impossible. When I was in College, I eat a lot, but I don’t gain much weight. When I turned 20, I started exercising  ( I still eat a lot though).  At late ’20s (with four children onboard) trouble came so I DIET and I EXERCISE; did it work? YESSSS…now at 37.I say I DIET, I EXERCISE and add to that TORTURE myself (no kidding)…torture myself, because at this age exercising can be very difficult as well as dieting too. So I torture myself by exercising even if I don’t feel like doing it. I torture myself by dieting even if I wanna indulge.  I would have fruits and vegetables while looking at my husband and kids enjoying the delicious pork ribs I baked. Did it work? YESSSS……of course I reward myself every now and then ….but I make sure I compensate it with the right amount of exercise. I must say I look far better now than ever before…

So for the upcoming birthday of your husband …surprise him and show off your lean, fit body..(start now..if you don’t know how ask me).

2. Show Him Admiration (in other words, watch your tongue..)

admiration maybe for teens;

but women, remember this,

your assurance of admiration,

is crucial and essential for men.

respect and admire him;

on his ability to perform…..

…to provide…

…to protect…


I once heard of a story (forgive me I can’t recall who told me this or where I read it) about a Mayor and his wife. One day they were walking along with a construction site. The Mayor looked up and he eyed a man his wife had once dated. The Mayor said “Look! There’s your old boyfriend. Just think of it, if you had married him you would be the wife of a construction worker.” His wife didn’t even glance toward the workers. She confidently said, “No dear, if I had married him, he’d be the mayor”.

Well they say, behind every good man is a good wife….this is true in many ways. As wives, we have a great deal to do with whether or not our husband will be all they can be.. (men may react, never mind.. this is still true..)

So, gift your husband with respect and admiration he very much needs. It is a wonderful act of love, How will you start? On his birthday, instead of the usual gift wrapped in a fancy paper, write him a letter expressing those feelings of love and respect and admiration you have for him. Try it, you’ll be surprised at how much he will (secretly ) appreciate it…

3. Assure Him of His Authority (in other words be submissive..)

honor your husband;

he is God-ordained head.

Women, remember, to submit;

a theory difficult to accept.


Without question, there is a certain order delegated to the family system. Our Christian faith taught us that men are head of the family, while women are to submit and honor and obey their husbands. We (women) are to voluntarily put ourselves under our husband’s authority. The question however is, what about husbands who are unworthy of submission or far too incompetent to run a family?

Because we were all made to believe that we need to submit ourselves to our husbands, then by all means you have to be very careful and marry a man worthy of that commitment. A smart woman will take a good, long (very long in fact) look, at the man she’s interested in and will do some serious assessment: Does his demeanor displays humility, love, and mutually submissive attitude? Does he have the character of a good man capable of leading a family? Does he love God and hate sin?  (your serious assessment may come a long   way  ..) anyway….if the answer to any of these questions is NO, or MAYBE… then… quickly turn around..yes you read it right… turn around and run..run as fast as you could…never turn back …. go far..far enough…

Trust me, …it may sound difficult to submit… but the truth is, this is what will make your marriage work…

So on his birthday, send a greeting saying, from today onwards, you are to submit to his will and abide by his authority..who knows, this might be just what he is waiting for from you…Try it… I did.. it worked so well for all of us!!


Did i say today, my husband turns 39.  So I say Happy BIrthday to the man who made me gave up everything… (figuratively and literally). Happy birthday!!! on your birthday I want to thank you for:  inspiring me to stay beautiful (yes you did)..even if it means working out every day and skipping on the chocolates and pastries I so much adore; allowing me to admiringly see the good in you…..( yes you did) even if i may be stubborn at times; and making me submit myself to you..(yes you did) even if I was depressed (for a while….sigh) when I have to give up my job..but that was so far the best decision I made…it worked so well for all of us…

Happy Birthday…..With all my admiration & gratitude!!!



  1. lems says:

    Wonderful piece!!!!!


  2. buddha says:

    Now I’m scared of marriage. Men…require a lot of work.



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