The Love Day


…two creatures bound to stay together …..for better or worse I suppose

I was able to recover something from my old (and I mean old dated 1992) files. A poem about love I once wrote. This is how it goes…


When you’re in love….mentally you go nuts

you think that the one you love is

the fairest creature in this universe,

the only person blessed on the earth;

you will say that there are millions

of other fishes in the seas,

but all these millions are worm – infested

and only your fish is a worm-free,

and yet for all you know he is not

even a fish, he is a worm.

You see him anywhere you go,

in any garden where flower blooms

even in a tree whose branches reach

majestically for the stars

and you hear him in every sound,

in the ringing of the telephone,

in the sad joyous refrain of a love song,

even in the silence of the church where

everybody’s head is bowed for meditation.

When you’re in love…emotionally,

this is worst.

for you are empty without him,

and complete with him.

your life finds meaning in his, and

therefore, his life is the only meaningful one.

with him beside you, the rose is redder

the birds chirpier, the grass greener,

the politicians funny, and God is

a very nice bearded old man.

And physically…what love can perform!

for some inexplicable reasons, his hands are

completely different from all the hands in the world.

they are the one electrically charged.

heaven is in the circle of his hands

and for all you know, it is insanity.

for what else is love but a form of insanity?

look at the other catastrophes that happen

to when you’re in love you become

unreasonably and insanely jealous.

When you are with him, one hour is just a seasoned

but when he is away, one hour is almost a year.

he might not be good looking but

you think he is.

You do not eat, but you are not hungry

you do not sleep but you feel good.

You have no money in the bank

but you strut as if you own the world

and worst of all, you are convinced

that you can live on love alone.



Wow…how wonderful….yes wonderful only if I am 16 years old ….but I am not anymore…..and judging on my experiences on love itself..tsk..tsk.tsk… I regret having written it… regret because it only showed how emotionally immature a 16-year-old could be no matter how smart she is…

The point is …February is supposed to be said the month of love…a moment to celebrate love…but I think we should also take a look at the reality of love itself…this is also the moment to celebrate love in its real sense:

love shouldn’t make you nuts;

it makes you think clearer.

love shouldn’t make you emotionally crazy;

it gives you emotional stability and security.

love definitely is not blind;

it makes you see things correctly.

Happy Valentine Everybody…May you all celebrate love …love in its truest sense…

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  1. paty says:

    wonderful….a new thought on love….


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