The pretty strabucks who made my latte this morning
The pretty Starbucks crew who made my latte this morning

Waking up every morning is quite a struggle especially if ….well…we’re getting a little older.

Waking with a cup of coffee. .latte or cappuccino. .is another thing especially if you go to a fancy coffee shop where you can splurge over gourmet coffees

We live in a province. .a little farther from the capital city. .and I must say I was one of the very few who rejoiced when Starbucks opened a few years ago.

Some say it’s an elite place.

Others say it so expensive.

Few commented its for those who are bored.

Well…whatever your take over this fancy coffee shop I say…I enjoyed it here. Let me count down three reasons why.

1. The crew

A fleeting smile,

A waving hello,

That’s what they are

To you and me…

Yes…they have the habit of smiling as soon as you enter the door. They wave hello and they wave goodbye. .and mind you they get to familiarize themselves with the names of the regular customers.  So I was in fact delighted to hear my name being called out the moment I entered.  And one important aspect of the crew that made me like them…they speak the English language fluently.  Whether it’s part of the application requirements or not…I enjoyed it..o enjoyed seeing beautiful girls making coffee while at the same time having a command of the English language.

2. The ambiance

Cars passing by…

People strolling around…

Friends engaging …

A place to converge beautiful thoughts

For you and me…

Yes…the place…I love the location. It is situated in a very busy street where you can practically see people from all walks of life from the inside. You get to enjoy friends trying to catch up with each other..and you got to see some people who just love to be alone with a coffee (count me in..)

3. The coffee

Sweet luscious Smell…

Unwavering distinct aroma…

A coffee specially blended…

Just for you and me…

Yes, you see…I can’t let the day pass bu without a coffee. .and for some reason, I love the way coffees ate blended n star speaks of a lot of tells a story. …it opens up emotions….it cuddles a person….it warms your heart…

This morning after dropping off my daughter in school I stopped by for a latte and a french croissant. …

Delicious. ..heartwarming. …soothing….ahhh I am ready to kick off my day…

The caffe latte made special
The caffe latte made special


  1. paty says:

    The coffe design looks very nice, as well as their crew


  2. greeny lou fernandez says:

    Thank you so much!! It made me happy,. I will be having c0ffee seminar on marcH 29, 9:30am at Sb lacs0n,, If you have Time,, please join us,, thaNks..


  3. robin says:

    Who is she?


    1. michnavs says:

      She posted a comment on this site..her name is greeny lou


  4. in567 says:

    Like fast food places, it depends on where you go, I think. The best state where I’ve had Starbucks was in Texas. Yeah!

    p.s. Sorry for having been closed for a bit, without forewarnin’. Will be putting blog on private mode for about a week later tonight. Thanks for the stop-by, though!


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