What Makes a Good Writer?

What makes a good writer? (Or rather what makes an outstanding writer?) It has been said and argued many times that writers are born; they are not made (or is it the other way around?)… One has to be born with a gift of words to become a good writer….one has to acquire certain skillsContinue reading “What Makes a Good Writer?”

How To Become An Instant Poet?

Writing is …creating LIFE in words…life in words of anybody and anyone…like the tourist who’s busy taking beautiful photographs…unmindful of the fact that for every photo he takes, he possesses a thousand stories at stake…   Robin, a follower who has been generously sharing his (I am not sure if I am using the correctContinue reading “How To Become An Instant Poet?”

What makes a Creative Writer? (I could have done better)

It’s been a while since I last stop by..right? I say… I have been very busy… I always say that whenever someone asks me….but the truth is…I have lost the “spark” ….”spark” to write….”spark” to inspire…” spark” to create…until yesterday… I overheard a conversation between two people…   Woman: thanks a lot, it was soContinue reading “What makes a Creative Writer? (I could have done better)”