What makes a Creative Writer? (I could have done better)

It’s been a while since I last stop by..right? I say… I have been very busy… I always say that whenever someone asks me….but the truth is…I have lost the “spark” ….”spark” to write….”spark” to inspire…” spark” to create…until yesterday… I overheard a conversation between two people…


Woman: thanks a lot, it was so nice of you to do that…

Man: oh, (in an exciting tone)…it was nothing …

Woman: of course it was something…

Man: ahh I could have done more…


………..end of conversation……


(truth is, I chose not to listen further)

Really…we could have done more….done better…done the best…in life we always say that..we hear that from almost everybody and yet, at some point, we have also committed the “I could have done better” crime…and sadly though….there’s nothing you can actually do…not more..not even better…why? you simply lost the chance..the opportunity…the moment..the time…

And so there goes my “spark” again…I know I can do better with my crazy schedule; however, I chose not…i know I could have been my best; however, I chose to be at my least…the same way through writing…

thanks to two wonderful people who’s a conversation I overheard…

writing can be very tough…especially if you don’t know where and how to start…well, I believe, the hardest part in everything we do is the “beginning”…” the start”…so let me help you out…


1. Begin by Seeing with the Mind’s Eye


The human mind is like a picture album. It contains pictures or images of people, things, places, events, and processes that make up our knowledge of the world.

Thus, when we are asked to imagine the most beautiful person we’ve met..we open up a part of our mind’s album and see a photograph of who we believe is the most beautiful…

Creative imagination helps us solve problems and enjoy life. It makes us see things in a new light or from a different perspective (Hermosa, 2002).

Our mind is so powerful and versatile that we can do anything we want. It can transport us back in time.  Our mind is the basic tool we need to survive and thus improve the quality of our lives. It helps us see things clearly from the past…helps us make better associations …It can bring us closer to the future. Our mind can tell the future and tell us what can happen. It can help us understand the future.

SO, LOOK FOR YOUR MIND’S EYE…see the world clearly …remember….create….tell…


2. Sharpening the Senses


What makes you enjoy the world? What are the bases of your actions and reactions? Exactly! your senses. Now, sharpening your senses will enable you to define and describe everything clearly; even in a way nobody else has.

Work on this basic exercise: When you wake up in the morning, list down the sounds of your breakfast  the bacon sizzles right?….etc), the smells….the sights…and the taste of your breakfast. You will be fascinated at how many times you have missed the opportunity of appreciating the beauty of a single hard-boiled egg.


3. Feeling the line, the color, the texture


What makes a woman beautiful? You will probably say, her face, her color, her skin… What makes a man handsome? You will again say, his jaw, his shoulders, his eyes…Appreciating the lines gives you the ability to define a shape. Different kinds of lines are associated with certain feelings and ideas. Why are we tempted to pinch a baby’s chubby cheeks?

Colors evoke ideas and feelings too. Certain colors symbolize certain ideas. Texture refers to the objects’ feel to the touch.

If we have a better appreciation of these things we can create better thoughts which will bring out better descriptions.

SO, FEEL THE LINES IN YOUR FACE…who is seated beside you now?..feel the smoothness of his arms…are you tickled? his strong jaw…are you mesmerized? his broad shoulders….are you secured?


4. Painting with Words


When we share our experiences with others, we usually describe or narrate something. The same thing in writing..we tell…we narrate..we share…BUT this time we make sure we allow our readers to imagine our experiences through our words…

Build an exciting vocabulary:

For example, think of what people do to emit sounds…

Mutter     grasp  mumble  sigh  scream  hum  whistle 

Whisper  groan  pant  yell


Imagine saying ” I wish to whisper I love you in your ears..”

Instead of  “I wanted to tell you I love you..”


Imagine saying ” Her almond eyes lay perfectly on her oval face….”

Instead of ” Her eyes are beautiful…”


Consider how a single word can change the meaning of a single thought..better yet, imagine how a single word can melt the heart of your readers…go ahead try it on yourself…

SO, PAINT YOUR WORDS…provide colors…create movements…move places…talk with sounds…

Try this one: Describe a person. Use the photographer’s basic photography skill; ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT.

To Zoom in- go near to his/her face. Describe facial features from the single strand of her hair to the chin.

To Zoom out- take a look from the distance. Note general details such as overall appearance, impression such as height, weight, color.


P.S. have fun writing and let me know…

Published by michnavs

Philippine-born Michelle Navajas, currently residing in Malaysia. Michelle authored the book “After – Rain Skies: A Million Stars” for PWW during their Million Stars campaign. Graduated with a Master of Education majoring in English in the Philippines, Michelle was a former college professor, teaching literature, speech & oral communication, creative writing, drama, and theatre arts. Michelle is active in her writing profession and works as a freelance creative writer. Michelle passionately blogs at www.michnavs.wordpress.com, where you can find her prose and poetry on love, life, motherhood, and her advocacy on abuse and violence. A published author on Spillwords NYC https://spillwords.com/what-if-snowflakes-dont-fall-in-winter/ Her poem “Again” is published on three platforms, on MEDIUM -an International Writers and Readers Space, AFRICA WRITERS CARAVAN, and at WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS. kindly go check the following links –https://womawordsliterarypress.home.blog/2020/06/29/imagining-life-after-the-ravaging-virulent-covid-19-pandemic-a-special-journal/ –https://personalitiesofinspiration.wordpress.com/2020/06/29/imagining-life-after-covid-19-a-womawords-june-edition/

2 thoughts on “What makes a Creative Writer? (I could have done better)

  1. Very nice! The words and pictures blend remarkably well to portray the message. You must be a professional writer to be able to do that. I’m really impressed with your writings. You can write just about anything that comes into your mind and senses. I wonder how long it took you to write something like this. I’ve dreamed of having this skill but right now, writing something like this can take over a month for me but still would only have half as much as regards to content and quality.


  2. i am delighted to know you like it,..i realized you have been diligently following me…thanks a bunch…really..well to answer your question as to how long did it take me to write it?..over an hour ….was seated with a cup of freshly brewed coffee …looking at my garden…embracing the sweet scent of July rain…and presto..it’s done…just do the same….forget about the technicalities first…work on what’s in your heart….then improve….rewrite …improve ..rewrite …and most especially….follow your instincts…are you happy with what you got? if your heart says “yes” then go ahead…by having a handy pen and small pad..then jot down every single thing you see and hear that are significant for you…carefully listen to every conversation you have…look closely at everything around you….remember..see the eye in your mind….find it….good luck…


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