What Makes a Good Writer?

What makes a good writer? (Or rather what makes an outstanding writer?)

It has been said and argued many times that writers are born; they are not made (or is it the other way around?)…

One has to be born with a gift of words to become a good writer….one has to acquire certain skills to become a good writer..it’s not enough that you were born with the gift of words…

Confusing …right?

It is indeed …most especially if you wanted to kick off writing…

So for those who wanted to write but don’t know how…or even for those who are writing but can’t find a “spark” in their work..here is something that would be of great help.


What makes a good writer?

1. Artistry

This appeals to our sense of beauty. A person is said to be artistic if he knows how to appreciate something beautiful.


Do you have the skills to see the difference between what is beautiful and what is not? Or are you that somebody who just settle for what most believe to be beautiful? To write is to see the beauty that others don’t see…to write is to feel the gentleness and tenderness over what is piercing and plangent…to write is to hear the tranquility over hurly-burly…to write is to have a pleasing taste in the presence of bitterness…to write is to smell the aroma over malodor.


2. Intellectual value

A written work stimulates thoughts. It makes our mental life rich by making us realize the different fundamental truths about life and human nature.


Do you have the skills to pose thought-provoking ideas or notions? Or can you awaken the sleeping minds of those who don’t seem to care? To write is to amp up…brace ..energize…enliven…invigorate..animate…vitalize and vivify the minds and thoughts of those who don’t seem to care at all.

3. Suggestiveness

This is the emotional aspect of any written material this quality moves us deeply and stirs our imagination to work above and beyond the level of ordinary life and experience.


Do you have the capacity to create a conscious mental reaction over a strong feeling of love, anger, joy, hate, or fear? To write is make arouse pain, pleasure, attraction, or repulsion.

4. Spiritual value

A written material puts our spirit high by bringing out the understanding of moral values which leads us to become better people. It inspires us to acquire these values which we will cherish or put into practice, thus bringing closer to our Maker.


Do you have the power to make someone believe with strong conviction? To write is to stir up devotion..piety…

5. Permanence

It can endure the test of time. It can be read over and over again as each reading gives fresh enjoyment.


Do you have the skills to create a brand – new and pristine ideas that could withstand the test of time? To write is to stand up against time…

6. Universality

It observes no limits. It appeals to all, anytime, anywhere because it deals with the basic feelings of people, fundamental truths, and universal conditions.


Do you have the cleverness to produce what is true to all, at all times in all places? To write is to include or cover all or a whole collectively or distributively without limit or exception.

7. Style

This is the unique way in which the writer views life, forms his/her ideas, and expresses them. Great works are marked by their lasting substances and by their distinctive styles.


Do you have the power to be different…to be unique? To write is to be fashionable and elegant in a distinctively unique way.


quivering voice torn into pieces

jammed words dashingly sealed;

tongue-tied feelings suppressed…

yet a power uproars…

whispered unto thyself…

acclaimed thy heart..longing to blaze,

conformed thy faith, declared thy attempt…

to bestow equity thy affectionate feeling…

to love forever,…EVEN!




  1. Erik Conover says:

    A good writer can make the most mundane ordinary places, people, experiences, and weave them into gold with their words. The best writers have the best experiences to pull from, they are deeply connected to their emotions and highly observant to the world around them.



    1. michnavs says:

      thanks a bunch Eric…thanks too for stopping by… i get to see your wonderful thoughts …


  2. robin says:

    Now I understand why I can’t be a good writer 🙂

    I have the desire but sadly I don’t possess any of the good traits you mentioned, so I believe.

    Should I quit trying now?


  3. robin says:

    BTW, what’s the title of the poem?

    Do poems have to be mysterious or open to different interpretations?


    1. michnavs says:

      Thanks for stopping by again…poems may be written in many different forms…it can have one universal theme but still has the feeling of “mystery” or can also be open to many different interpretations..
      never quit..never stop trying. …I can sense you have it…and oh the poem …I intentionally did not put the title. ..do you have something in mind? Let me know. .


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