Most people say…” I am not good at words”…or …”I can’t write, i wasn’t born with it”…or some may even say..”It’s for the weird and unhappy”…

The truth is…I am not also good at words when I started writing.. I believe I also am wasn’t born with it..and seriously, I also at some point believed that it is indeed for the weird and unhappy..

But come on…look at me…I am not weird; but i write… I am happy; but i write still…

a proof that i am not weird...i am happy..alone
a proof that i am not weird…i am happy..alone

What I am trying to say is that…writing can bring a lot of good than bad to someone who tries it..

All you need to do is a little inspiration to kick off that “Shakespeare” in you.. Really..forget about the technicalities of writing first…write down what inspires you today…what you think of it…and why do you think it inspires you…

Speaking of inspiration, I bumped at an old friend yesterday while waiting for my daughter. We were talking about a particular coffee shop in our place and how they serve really delicious………………………………..we both screamed CHEESECAKE!!!….students passing by looked at us with both amusement and irritation..amusement maybe because; ¬†two middle aged people looking cool screaming over cheesecake and/or two middle aged people looking ridiculously stupid screaming over cheesecake..

Anyways..I actually did not care much about their reaction.. I care about the cheesecake..So i thought i needed to grab a cheesecake while i i went to the coffee shop which serves the best cheesecake in town….

While i savor each bite…a “spark” came up….and of course if you know me, you can guess by now that a “spark” could mean another inspiration to write on…

So here’s for you and for my ……..




sweet savory choice;

pressing through my voice,

delicately scented, interestingly decorated,

slowly melting, suddenly agitated.

turning one more time a such;

to nibble, to masticate and munch.


fancy dark colored fluid;

dripping slowly as i am fascinated.

for each bite i sense, the poignant

boundless pungent flavor of sentiment

the lone witness of my desire

for your sweet gentle flavor.


delectable but restrained,

mouthwatering i am sure indeed.

bringing endless sensation and excruciation

that once delicate and gentle vibration

is surely about to be laid over

to savor your flavor once more.


Forever you will be

my sweet, delectable cheesecake.



See i told you guys.. it isn’t that difficult after to Robin, wherever you are, whatever your doing…check it out…that might be just the “spark” you needed..


Good Luck!!!.. another cheesecake for me now..