After glow


This is for all those who have loved and lost;loved and forsaken; loved and betrayed; …always keep a smile in your face and in your heart, no matter how much it hurts today….a new beginning will come to you someday…very soon

Some things in life are worth holding on and some need letting go. One is faced with so many options but there are times that not even one is worth the choice. you simply must give up or die holding on and lose it at all…or live hating for wanting more….

No, not yet…

let your eyes speak

of loses in bloom

remind me once more

of the love we shared

where fiery choir

sang our song

at the blazing sun.

Shed no more tears, not yet

the midnight air

still whispers your name

and deep from the abyss

echoes my grief

make me remember the picture

we make out of the crowds

hold my hand

and never let go.

sing no sad son, not yet

or i’ll behold in your lids

hung the sweet tears of agony

rather paint me visions

of thousand smiles in your lips

and upon your lips…

vision of night will fade away.

kiss me not yet, not yet…

lest you’ll awaken a silent sea

and its faint murmuring

turn to turbulent desapir

but surely when you pass away

i’ll grasp the air

and kiss the same

that kissed you.

dry your tears, this time…

let not your tears

warm my icy tomb

and when light fades

softly from your eyes

take my hands once more

and into the clouds i’ll fly

with you eternally…

Tears run down my eyes. I would never fight back the longing in my heart. I promise. I will be for you, I promise I will… in time...