Glimpse Peep by the window Slight utterance of complaint How could I let down?   Placid hush of home A domicile dwelling place Complex as a dome.   Graceful ornament A plant that makes a home Serenity meant.   The throes of a man Moving with difficulty For greatness be done.   Every man’s combatContinue reading “Glimpse”

A Metaphor

A Metaphor   A day over night A coffee that perks me up A little ray of light.   Butter in my bread A sugar makes it sweet The spice in my food.   Pen in my paper A thought that fuels my mind As I write later.   At some point in our livesContinue reading “A Metaphor”


Holding on to my breath, longing so deep… gripping my teeth, trying to keep… Run up so high; cry back in  vain. lead to sigh; grin in pain. stumble still try, walk in disdain.. scramble and cry, speak in sane… desperately seeking; liberation in time. In moments of true despair, one is challenged to simplyContinue reading “Emancipate”

DREAM the Biggest Dream

I’m down in deep dark pitch; untangling the muddy ditch, oblivious of the heat, awaiting to be neat. I stood still and lay; all through the day, engulfed by fear and envy, keeping through and steady. I tend to steady or higher; with great physical power. brawny… muscular… rugged… stalwart… I struggle, I dream…dream toContinue reading “DREAM the Biggest Dream”


  Silence stood over, in the darkest corner, your gaze still and slow, in shallow breath high and low. Warm around and still, in deep hollow feel, your touch burns and show, in the cold body in tow. Scream yield and hover, in the soft sheet cover, your mute tender passion, the ingratitude of fervorContinue reading “Affection”

Boredom….How to Get Over it

  Listlessness…restlessness…weariness…. nothing with spark, everything’s dark, all through the park. doldrums in a cold storage provocation…incitation…instigation… ardent affection, deeper passion, greater sensation. fervor love awaiting. Boredom according to Merriam – Webster Dictionary means the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest. Question is… have you been feeling bored lately? I did…Continue reading “Boredom….How to Get Over it”


The love month is over… but i wanted to share with you some of the reasons why we love….even if it may sound absurd and pathetic; i guess we all went through this … The “playful you ” says you are in love because… 1. MENTALLY, it made you nuts. You believe that the oneContinue reading “Why We LOVE”