“I love you.”

So many and so much has been said about love. But i am always in awe hearing it from the point of view of a man…a man who seemed to be not mindful of whether the love is reciprocated or not. I hope you guys love this one in as much as i do

Poetry By Impulse

Tell her.
Tell her how I feel inside.
See me cry with pained & scarlet truth.
Watch the rivers flower.

I speak no lie.
A broken man who dies. Eyes which burn & seek & yearn.
Tears roll. & merge with words.
I wish she knew.
I wish that guts were things that changed the world for me,
For mine would spill in granted defeat if only doors would open wide & smile.

I love you.
Your beauty sings.
Each delicate movement, each perfect feature born
You steal my breath.
You ignore my being.

I sleep alone, a ghost in clothes. A memory served with forgotten jest.
Deleted pictures burnt.
How I‘d change the world if god existed or controlled the world the way he should.

& Virgin youth.
With moistened lips & soft curved face. She pains me so; unwelcome frustration.
I cannot take the fruits I seek. Nor…

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Peep by the window

Slight utterance of complaint

How could I let down?


Placid hush of home

A domicile dwelling place

Complex as a dome.


Graceful ornament

A plant that makes a home

Serenity meant.


The throes of a man

Moving with difficulty

For greatness be done.


Every man’s combat

To hassle destituteness

Poverty attack.

Majority of the world’s people and nations are living in poverty level. Why? Can we blame poor people for their own problems? What is wrong with them? Have they been lazy? Have they made poor decisions? Are they solely responsible for their plight?

Most of humanity lives on just a few dollars a day. Whether you are in the wealthiest nations in the world or the poorest, there is high levels of inequality.

Can we do something to help alleviate the lives of the poor? It may sound so good to be true, but; yes…. we can.

At this point of the year for most Christians, they commemorate the life and death of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, who they believed have saved them from their sins. And for most Christians they commemorate it by making certain sacrifices. Traditionally, they fast. By fasting it means they refrain from eating meat during Fridays starting off during Ash Wednesday. But others do more than just fasting. They make sacrifices. Sacrifices such as, giving alms to the poor…giving away things that they have not been using…helping the needy…feeding the poor… You see if we all do the same even just once for every year, then maybe, just maybe, we may not be able to eradicate poverty, but in a way we will be able to alleviate the lives of the poor even for just once in every year…Who knows, it might signify the beginning of the end of their suffering.


Here’s wishing you all that you find time to check out your neighborhood and find a way to make someone happy by giving away something you don’t need anymore.

The ONE Ahead



I see you through from a distance

I feel your presence in an instance

Amazingly surprising…

Wonderfully astounding…


I hear you in silence

I breathe through you at once

Uniquely dumbfounding…

Strangely jarring…


In my solitary moment

You assure me with great contentment

Cheerfully fulfilling…

Seriously gratifying…


I wonder, will you ever come near?

Will you ever see me tear?

Eagerly waiting…

Ardently wishing…


In my great solitude

I will face you with gratitude

Thankfully sharing…

Fervently loving…


We all live the life we may never always want to be. We all meet people we never actually want to meet. We ended up with partners we probably never thought of ending up with.


In other words, some things may never happen the way we want it to happen. Some dreams may never come true. Some roads may lead us to a different path.

But as we go on with our lives, we will always have somebody…someone… something…who or which will remind us that whatever happens…it happens for a greater cause and a greater reason…that wherever we may be in the future we will always see someone from a distance..


here’s wishing you all that you find “someone ahead” in due time. Let me know… 

A Metaphor

A Metaphor


A day over night

A coffee that perks me up

A little ray of light.


Butter in my bread

A sugar makes it sweet

The spice in my food.


Pen in my paper

A thought that fuels my mind

As I write later.


At some point in our lives we lose the zest that we used to have; so we need something that will help us bring back that zest and eagerness in life.

Like when we go to bed at night ….we know that there will always be a morning after…what is your “morning after”?

When we wake up in the morning and the one best thing that helps us kick off our day is a little touch of coffee in our body…What is your little “cup of coffee”?

Or when you put off the light in your room and you suddenly realized there’s a little ray of light passing through your window…what is your “little ray of light”?

Better yet; when you can’t have your bread without butter. That kind of feeling which makes you wanna have more bites each time you have one. What is your “butter in your bread”?

Or for those with sweet tooth; those who can’t live without a dash of sugar in a day. What is your “sugar that makes your food sweeter”?

Or sometimes there are those who love a little spice in their food. The kind of spice that makes you wanna crave for more as you grasp and struggle for a glass of water. What is your “spice in your food”?

And for all of us who’s passion is to make their thoughts come to life through their words; what is your “pen without your paper”? And what are your thoughts without someone to fuel it as you write alone?


Here’s wishing you all that you find your greatest metaphor in life.

snapshots of you and me

the road ahead is narrow...bit with you it will be an exciting narrow road to take
a narrow road ahead.. an exciting narrow road to take..with you my love i shall take…
...as mango fruit bears flowers may it bring forth abundance of love for you and me...
…as trees bears fruit … it brings forth abundance of love …a love that flies freely above…
...and as that long and winding road comes to an end...may it signify a beginning for you and me......
and as we arrive at the end of that long and winding road …i will joyfully carry the beginning of you and me….

a picture may speak of thousand voices unheard….a picture may send a thousand love over a thousand miles…a picture may bring a thousand hope over a thousand hopeless…a picture may give birth over a thousand lost dreams…..


here’s wishing you all that you find your one perfect picture….let me know


sun setting....
sun setting….a new beginning

Holding on to my breath,

longing so deep…

gripping my teeth,

trying to keep…

Run up so high; cry back in  vain.

lead to sigh; grin in pain.

stumble still try,

walk in disdain..

scramble and cry,

speak in sane…

desperately seeking; liberation in time.

In moments of true despair, one is challenged to simply walk away or face it squarely.

If we walk away, we free ourselves from the turmoil of the current situation…we liberate ourselves from the pain and sorrow…we discharge ourselves from the anxiety and agitation. We will be fine….for a moment….. because that one moment of walking away will forever haunt us…forever be behind us!

If we face it bravely, we will experience the pain…we will endure the misery….we will sustain the sadness. We will not be fine, for a moment. But as soon as it is all over, we will definitely be all right for the rest of our lives.

The choice is yours.


Here’s wishing you all that you choose that one thing that will give you lasting joy…let me know…

DREAM the Biggest Dream


I’m down in deep dark pitch;

untangling the muddy ditch,

oblivious of the heat,

awaiting to be neat.

I stood still and lay;

all through the day,

engulfed by fear and envy,

keeping through and steady.

I tend to steady or higher;

with great physical power.





I struggle,

I dream…dream to hope,

I hope …and hope to realize.

I admire people who worked so hard to succeed in life. Success may not always be measured by how much money you have in the bank or how far you have gone through in the corporate world.

For some, success may simply mean achieving a favorable or desired outcome over something that we wanted for.

Like the water buffalo; despite of the  heat of the sun it struggles to maintain its grace and composure knowing that the heat will end as the sun goes down. Meanwhile, as it awaits for the sun to go down, it emerges itself over a muddy water so as to keep cool the whole day. There are people who are as firm and as strong of the water buffalo. They are those who despite of the hardships and difficulties manage to keep a smile in their hearts knowing that at the end of everything something good will happen.

But…. how do we really keep a smile despite of all the hardships?

1. YOU need to DREAM BIG

Dream big and act upon it one small step at a time. It is indeed true that When we dream big we are able to see clearly the bigger picture while at the same time plan to do action from the smallest perspective.


Inspiration as the word suggest, is something or someone that makes you want to do something or gives you an idea about what to create; it could be a person, a place, an experience. Now look around… find that “inspiration” and choose to be great for your “inspiration”.

3. YOU need to be CONSISTENT

As you find that “inspiration” … you may start working on your goal now. But hold on for a while…. do you have the ability be consistent in your work?

Be consistent. Act in the same way, of the same quality, at all time.  You need to do something in harmony, with regularity or steady continuity; free from variation or contradiction.


Here’s wishing you all that you achieve that ONE GREAT BIG DREAM you have…let me know