Boredom….How to Get Over it



nothing with spark,

everything’s dark,

all through the park.

doldrums in a cold storage


ardent affection,

deeper passion,

greater sensation.

fervor love awaiting.

Boredom according to Merriam – Webster Dictionary means the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest.

Question is… have you been feeling bored lately?

I did… I would not be writing about this if it haven’t hit me.

It was tough. It was scary. I was mind blowing. It was migraine – inducing moment.

How did i get over it?

Here are the things which help me the most in processing my state of boredom.

1. Identify what causes your state of boredom.

An interesting paper written by John Eastwood, Alexandra Frischen, Mark Fenske, and Daniel Smilek in the September, 2012 issue of Perspectives on Psychological Science says that attention plays an important role in creating boredom.

In my case I was able to figure out the reason why i got so  bored easily. I lack the attention and ability to focus on something, leading me to dislike everything i do or worst dislike people i see. I realized that i have lost my ability to focus or pay attention when i finally decided to quit my job in the academic world. Once you are in the academe, you need more than anything but focus and attention to be able to get through your daily routines and get through the day flawlessly. When i wasn’t working anymore i lost that ability to focus thus leading to boredom even if there so much going on around me.

2. Work on your passion.

What makes you happy? What makes you jump off your bed and get going? What makes you smile? What brightens up your day? In my case i went back to the very thing that lead me to the Academic world. My love for reading and writing. I finished a course in Journalism. But as soon as i quit my job, i stopped reading, worst even i stopped writing.

This gave birth to my BLOG. As soon as i started hitting my computer keys i felt my nerves pumping up and my blood oozing with great fervor. I know i will be fine.

I started reading again. And for the very first time in my life i was able to finish most books and novels which i have been dying to read when i was working. I couldn’t afford to do “passion reading” back then because my time was basically consumed by reading the paper works and reflections of my students.

I am delighted to have finished all of the books of Paolo Coelho,  Mitch Albom, Cecelia Ahern, and now my goal is to finish all the books of Nicholas Sparks. I have read some of the books of John Greene, David Baldacci and other contemporary authors too.

3. Get Going

Yes, it may sound so cliche but it helps a lot. For someone like me who is used to engage in daily intellectual discourses, it is a must to get going.

I started getting involve in my children’s school organization. Attending parents meetings and conferences help a lot. Joining strategic planning is also very interesting.

I also begun my advocacy of helping students in their academic requirements such as thesis, research papers and i also do occasional coaching (impromptu speaking contest, declamation, oration and the like).

In short, find an organization or advocacy where you can volunteer or be a part of. You will see how much it would change your life.

4. Choose to be happy

This is again a cliche, (others will say) but believe me, when you are bored, it is difficult to find that small amount of joy lying inside you. So you simply must choose to be happy or die feeling bored and lonely.

My simple joys and happiness include my family. Shopping clothes for my kids, dressing them up, and going out for lunch or dinner with them. Not to mention the everyday exchange of discourses with my husband who works abroad. The simple, out of the box conversation will began to matter to you and it brings great pleasure.

Coffee is also a great part of my simple pleasure. I love the smell and aroma of the coffee. It makes me feel good. That’s undeniable. I can sit down the whole day in Starbucks having coffee and a book and i will be fine.




So, here’s wishing you all the joy and happiness in this world.

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