sun setting....
sun setting….a new beginning

Holding on to my breath,

longing so deep…

gripping my teeth,

trying to keep…

Run up so high; cry back in  vain.

lead to sigh; grin in pain.

stumble still try,

walk in disdain..

scramble and cry,

speak in sane…

desperately seeking; liberation in time.

In moments of true despair, one is challenged to simply walk away or face it squarely.

If we walk away, we free ourselves from the turmoil of the current situation…we liberate ourselves from the pain and sorrow…we discharge ourselves from the anxiety and agitation. We will be fine….for a moment….. because that one moment of walking away will forever haunt us…forever be behind us!

If we face it bravely, we will experience the pain…we will endure the misery….we will sustain the sadness. We will not be fine, for a moment. But as soon as it is all over, we will definitely be all right for the rest of our lives.

The choice is yours.


Here’s wishing you all that you choose that one thing that will give you lasting joy…let me know…

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