The ONE Ahead



I see you through from a distance

I feel your presence in an instance

Amazingly surprising…

Wonderfully astounding…


I hear you in silence

I breathe through you at once

Uniquely dumbfounding…

Strangely jarring…


In my solitary moment

You assure me with great contentment

Cheerfully fulfilling…

Seriously gratifying…


I wonder, will you ever come near?

Will you ever see me tear?

Eagerly waiting…

Ardently wishing…


In my great solitude

I will face you with gratitude

Thankfully sharing…

Fervently loving…


We all live the life we may never always want to be. We all meet people we never actually want to meet. We ended up with partners we probably never thought of ending up with.


In other words, some things may never happen the way we want it to happen. Some dreams may never come true. Some roads may lead us to a different path.

But as we go on with our lives, we will always have somebody…someone… something…who or which will remind us that whatever happens…it happens for a greater cause and a greater reason…that wherever we may be in the future we will always see someone from a distance..


here’s wishing you all that you find “someone ahead” in due time. Let me know… 


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