I Miss YOU More

Oblivious of the time

and around;

I longed for your

hold so tight.

Your hold that keeps my steady

gaze in place;

your hold that once made a

better me.

Incognizant of how i felt

wanting how much of you

i can take.

I never imagined it would be

this dark without you,

the darkness that seemed to

topple down my soul

the darkness i once ignored

for you are there

holding closely as i fear.

It seems just a while,

but no, it’s really been a long while,

a really long while

since you walked away


It numbed my mind;

froze my heart.

I can’t take you out of

my life.

I need to touch you again.

I need to hold you close in

my arms.

I miss you that’s what

I wanna say.

I love you, I want you

to stay.

It’s been four years DAD!

Four years and I am mad..

‘cos i can’t have you back.


In memory of my dad who passed away fours years ago.


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