@ Starbucks

Your preferred cappuccino full cream;

I opted for americano non – fat decaf.

That’s how we started.

Over coffee.

At starbucks.

We talk a lot.

We make fun always.

We argue over trivial matters.

We talk nonsense.

we talk politics.

We talk religion.

My coffee won’t be complete

without you.

My starbucks won’t be wonderful

If not for you.

There are days when I am

extremely hype.

There are days when i can have a heart attack.

I could have too much coffee in a day,

cos every time you ask for one

I’d say yes without battling an eyelash

Even if it would mean i”ve reached my

coffee quota of the day.

There are nights when i can’t sleep.

I’d had too much coffee.

Or maybe because I just had too

much of YOU.


random thoughts over two genetically beautiful couple  @starbucks


About michnavs

Celebrating life in rhythm and rhyme...
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3 Responses to @ Starbucks

  1. Léa says:

    Un café s’il vous plaît! Here it is a small very dark brew much like a shot of expresso. There are variations but that is basically what we drink. Lea

  2. Sweet poetry. I love the last two lines! Coffee or a lover — that’s sometimes difficult to choose.

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