how much longer

how much of yesterday is to be forgotten

for our today to be given?

twas yesterday when you joyously told

that today you will be better as you old.

when yesterday was just a reflection

of your life in meditation

a yesterday filled with hope,

that today will be in better scope.

how much of yesterday is to be treasured

for our today to be remembered?

twas yesterday when you playfully said

that today you’ll never be lonely and sad.

when yesterday was a memory

for our today to be lived fully.

a yesterday charged with a story

that today you will never be sorry.

a yesterday lived in today

for tomorrow is far at bay.


we cannot change the past, but we can always live today with memories of the past for a beautiful tomorrow.


Nothing really matters

as how love grows.

a story is once told

of a man and a woman

as it has foretold.

they met in mid September

so cold and sober.

a future of him and her


despite of the barrier

as ever.

they love like no other love

a love sweet and bitter.

they sing song as one

in harmony and tone

over an ice cream in a cone.

they kissed a kiss so passionate

it put the world in stagnate

they dream of the same dream

of a blissful life in stream

of love in greatest realm.

a story of him and her

and much more and forever.


this one goes to a friend who loved so dear as ever.