The Storm

All the time I feel the air. Breezing by, everywhere. Can it feel me? Does it notice me? Does anyone, anywhere really care to see? Everywhere I go, there’s no feeling of space. Free from the toxins that impale this place. Gone are the times of solitude and innocence. Here is the now, the age…

cloud nine (ecstatic feeling)

a deep loud vibration is beating in cool afternoon sheets. she heard you breathe noisily while sleeping in rough hoarse voices. a melody in a different tone in deep brightened sleep. she felt you’re good and done in shadows right through a nap. a joyful release of fondness in warmest sweet devotion. she felt yourContinue reading “cloud nine (ecstatic feeling)”

Creative Pain

Somewhere in between… I cried out in pain. I agonized in disdain. I lamented in vain. Sometime thereafter… I walk away over. I smile in sober. I yearn to unfetter. Somewhere then… I will be discharged. I will be freed. I will be liberated. Until then… For a moment and now.. Pain can be beneficialContinue reading “Creative Pain”


I can’t think of a better way to discuss this anxious feeling than in long ranting…..(if this is a rant)…let me say for the record that i am not in any way sad, lonely or troubled.  Lately i have been witnessing so many deaths within our circle of friends.  My father died….i never even hadContinue reading “Goodbyes”


Trembling voice muttered in pieces frozen words screamingly- sealed; tongue – tied feelings suppressed yet a strength’s surging.. whispering unto thyself… glorified thy heart… yearning to glow… defiant thy faith, affirmed thy attempt, to give justice thy affectionate feeling –  to love eternally, EVEN!