When everything else fails


When everything else fails

I will run away and sail at the

ocean so wide;

but I can’t, for you can’t

run away with me.


When everything else fails

I wanted to cry, cry till my tears

run dry;

but I can’t, for you can’t

cry along with me.


When everything else fails

I wanna shout out loud

till my lungs find its highest pitch;

but I can’t, for you can’t

shout out along with me.


When everything else fails

I sure will laugh it off,

laugh like tomorrow may not come;

but I can’t, for you can’t

laugh with me.


When everything else fails

I want you to hold me,

hold me so tight;

but I can’t, for you can’t

hold me anymore.


it’s been five years dad;

and I still miss you.


It’s been a tough day…this is the moment when I wish I have my dad beside me saying ” everything will be fine”.

nothing beats my dad’s big hug….its comforting…



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60 Responses to When everything else fails

  1. Kevin says:

    Beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes!

  2. Saloni says:

    It is warm and sincere. My dad isn’t with me either, that it resonates on so many different levels. Thank you..

  3. Moves me to tears… remembering one of the last things my dad did was hug me 😥 ♥ ❤

  4. MeRaw says:

    This is beautiful.
    Such heartfelt words.
    Thinking of you.

  5. secretangel says:

    Beautiful and heart-felt words on just the day that I was thinking about my dad. God bless you!

  6. I remember my dad with pride. He was one of the last members of WWII’s Guadalcanal Campaign. He was never ” Father of the Year ” material, but we never lacked for food, water, fresh / clean clothes, etc.
    He was one of the members of ” The Greatest Generation ” as Tom Brokaw called it. Not a hero, but a good man.

  7. jade0207 says:

    I am so sorry about your dad. But the poem is beautiful! You can hear the desperation its beautifully put in words!

  8. Radhika says:

    Beautiful and touching!

  9. sheldonk2014 says:

    I can feel this sadness
    I know this pain of loneliness
    Great piece
    Prayers and blessings
    As always Sheldon
    Thank you for your like

  10. This made me cry so hard…last Friday was the one year anniversary of my mother’s death at the age of 90. Thank you for sharing your pain and your lovely, wonderful testimony to your father.

  11. xaranahara says:

    This poem is beautiful. My condolences.

  12. mehaanu says:

    This is beautiful and very touching …:)

  13. Such a beautiful poem! Just found you through Kally’s interview and happy I did! 😀

  14. jncthedc says:

    Heartfelt. You were fortunate to have such a wonderful relationship with your dad. He will live on eternally in your heart and your soul.

  15. agenda19892010 says:

    Happy Sunday.

  16. agenda19892010 says:

    Happy Sunday to you by Rinaldo from Italia ☺

  17. Léa says:

    A lovely tribute. Losing one you love is never easy. I lost my father and eleven months later my daughter died. For a very long time, I just felt so very numb. Peace!

  18. frenchc1955 says:

    Thank you for following my blog!

  19. Thanks for following sciencesprings. I appreciate it very much.

  20. Manan Unleashed says:

    Very touching! In my case, it’s been 15 years since my dad left us. But not a day goes by when I don’t remember him. My Poetry is his everlasting gift to me, God bless his soul! May your dad continue to smile down on you from that never-ending paradise. May God bless his soul!

  21. This the love of Dad and Love for Dad.
    Please read my Post “I know you are the Soul. But…..” related to this post.

  22. Hi michnavs. So many in the same position I miss my Mum. Thank you for liking my poem Unidentified Material! And for your comment. Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

  23. I’ve just re-read this. How beautiful!

  24. Aquileana says:

    It is a moving and deep poem… I am sure writing it helped you keep the best memories alive, and that´s something already quite priceless… sending love & wishing you happy holidays! ⭐

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