As the darkest of all nights start to fall You stood lifelessly still, strong and tall. Amidst the pitch-black gloomy sky You patiently wait and sigh For the moon oh so bright Wish upon its light. Silently said, “Thanks, indeed Love thee; Me!”  


I can’t remember; be true to myself I get used to being kept on a shelf. People could just admire and see, The loveliness stored in me. The last time my mind speak I was muted…deaf. I longed the sound… Never found. I ceased. Lapsed. Hence, Silence. I blubber. Lost soul ever. The day IContinue reading “Death”


When I am Oh so damn To whom I run? And make me like fun? I am sad and lonely Alone, in this dark alley I will tell you I need a time Go out wonder, explore and be fine I can’t, you think this is where I should be. When I am Feeling blueContinue reading “Silenced”


                                             I                                       Felt your                      Continue reading “Sincerely”

How to Rise After Each Fall

      I AM darkness against light, Trouble over affection, Chaos under an order,             I am in pain. Noise in silence, Blinded with sight, Trembled though steady,              I am in agony. Cried in laughter, Screamed through heard, Fallen while standing,               I am in disguise. Laughed in sorrow, Smiled over tears, Hoped in despair,Continue reading “How to Rise After Each Fall”

Alone and Happy

I was having coffee at starbucks with my college daughter. I knew she would leave me as soon as she’s done with her coffee to catch up with her morning class. But what i didin’t realize is that she’ d leave sooner than she can finish her food. That’s when reality struck me. I amContinue reading “Alone and Happy”