How to Rise After Each Fall


      I AM

darkness against light,
Trouble over affection,
Chaos under order,
            I am in pain.

Noise in silence,
Blinded with sight,
Trembled though steady,
             I am in agony.

Cried in laughter,
Screamed though heard,
Fallen while standing,
              I am in disguise.

Laughed in sorrow,
Smiled over tears,
Hoped in despair,
               I am in love.

      How many times have we questioned ourselves about our abilties to rise above failures? Countless times i suppose.
      I have been through difficult times myself too. And i must say i have risen gracefully after each fall.

How did i ever make it?

1. Admit you mess up

Yes you read it right. One of the keys to moving on is admission of ones mistake. There are times when we would say “i know i am wrong”.. but at times we only say that without even realizing what indeed have we done wrong. We say we are wrong… on a general note. What is important is we know we are wrong on a more specific way. Accept the specific act/manner/ task that we have been wronged. In this way we would be able to find a specific solution for that. The thing is: admission of specific mistake will merit specific solution. We have the ability to  know we are wrong but we lack the capacity to understand why we have been wronged.

2. Develop the power to discern

If we have the abilty or power to discern we would be able to see and understand people, things, or situaions clearly and intelligently. This makes moving on easily. I am so lucky because my mother has taught me to develop this ability even as a child. And as i grow up my ability to discern has intensified.

3. Talk to the right people

By talking to the right people i mean specifically to our parents, unless otherwise you don’t have one, then  talk to someone you deemed more experienced and matured than you are. As i teenager my parents would always remind me to open up with them or discuss with them any concerns i have because no one will give me better insights than they are. They are my parents thus they love me so there is nothing that they would say that would jeopardize me as a teener. And even when i was a parent myself too, i still would run to them for encouragement or clarification, and it would as always work.

4. Have the attitude of positive expectancy

Say, i will be better… i will make it…i know i can…make this as your mantra. Expect something good will happen everyday or even after you have messed up.

5. Learn to filter suggestions and recomendations

As a general rule listen to positive information only. Learn to recognize a good suggestion over a worst one. Refuse to worry over circumstances beyond your control. Don’t allow yourself to be entangled over emotional suggestions that will only hinder us from taking control of ourselves.


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