I am
Oh so damn
To whom i run?
And make me like fun?
I am sad and lonely
Alone, in this dark alley
I will tell you i need a time
Go out wonder, explore and be fine
I can’t, you think this is where i should be.
I am
Feeling blue
I write a cue
That so you might knew
I am hurt in deep woe
Writing didin’t make it go
You think i suck should never do
Dark alley is where my place to be
Eternally damned forever muted.
I am
And in great hate
I run for refuge
To your smile oh so huge
I run unto you no more
I can’t find my way through your door
You shut them leaving no air to fill
This dark alley forever my soul will.


Another shot at etheree. Triple etheree this time… once again my thank you goes to Geetha B, Shiva and Amit..


About michnavs

Celebrating life in rhythm and rhyme...
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12 Responses to Silenced

  1. Geetha B says:

    I really like this one Mich. It flows like the tides and the form is really well adapted to it. Kudos to you

  2. Amit Rahman says:

    Awesome poem! I’m greatly honored!

  3. moonskittles says:

    A beautiful poem both in content and form. 🙂

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