I can’t remember; be true to myself
I get used to being kept on a shelf.
People could just admire and see,
The loveliness stored in me.
The last time my mind speak
I was muted…deaf.
I longed the sound…
Never found.
I ceased.
I blubber.
Lost soul ever.
The day I holler,
I cried in great despair.
Sorrow help me find my way
I wept in deepest agony
I anguish, wishing to be sober
I am silently dead, longer, deeper.


Another etheree for everyone…
Geetha, Shiva, Amit,….. thanks once again


  1. Oh wow, you’re on an etheree spree and getting so much more of the flow every time. I love this one too, it really seems to suit you the form because one can feel you somehow liberated by it’s flow into unburdening yourself of emotions (unless I am mistaken). Enjoy Mich šŸ™‚

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    1. i am indeed enjoying.. the form truely flows along with my emotions… you are correct with the “unburdening”, but not on the level as it has written… as poets we have the power to create emotions and feelings and thoughts on levels one might not be able to understand… but one thing for sure, this one has been really great

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    1. The form (etheree) really helps a writer come up with beautiful blend of words considering the structure and syllable count…thus bringing out the best words there is without compromising the whole idea

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