Asked when hurt
Answers needed
To feel better then
The agony within
Excruciatingly painful
Harrowing, wrenching, torturous
Satisfying ones pain, ones disdain
Why, is all we have but not for so long.


We have so many questions in life. When i was a child i had chores to do after school. I asked why. I sometimes did not like doing it because of my free spirit who actually wanted to read and imagine things around.

I grew up always asking “why” on anything. I speak my mind and i always want answers for all of my questions.

As i grew older however, i realized that not all questions has answers nor, not all concerns has to be told or spoken. I also begun to recognize that there is a dynamic source of guidance and consolation within me. I became more deeply rooted in the belief that i am unconditionally loved.

Each one of us carries certain crosses everyday; and it made us wonder and question God. But it is vital that we understand that each of us too carries a spiritual power that can cause even the tiniest of faith-seed to grow. So it is important that we protect and nurture this seed so that it thrives. We must realize that we need parameters so that our life does not seep away into endless busy-ness and unguarded, unfocused activity.

It is okay to ask; but never hold on to your “why” for so long.

Do you have any ” why” lately?

Let me know.




But real.
Hidden by,
Behind doorsteps.
Uncanny and deep;
Cloistered and undisclosed.
Affectionately indeed.
Yearning, for freedom one day soon
Enclosed longer, out in the open.
Reflection of a light behind no more.


“My thoughts are free to go anywhere, but it’s amazing how often they head in your direction”