One Fateful Day

One day morning
When the sun was dawning
I see you smiling
“With you i’m beaming”
Your chinky eyes i noticed.

Soon that day over
When its getting colder
I hear you whisper
“With you i’m safer”
Your husky voice i heard.

Then the night was dark
When the stars spark
I feel you so stark
“Without you i’m in a murk”
Your standing tall lonely and cold.

I froze.
You’re a figment of my dream.

I am terrified.
You’re past behind me no more.


Mi Corazon



I can go anywhere;
And i can be lost somewhere.

But all i ever wanna be is where you are;
And be lost in your arms.

I can wait for you there.

What would it have been?

What would it have been if transporation didin’t use to be like this?


What would it have been if fire didn’t start this way?


What would it have been if you and i were never in this same road like this?




Strange thing inside,
Creeping through outside.
Inexplicably bizarre,
Truly peculiar.

Yearning to cry,
Wanting to try.
Humbly keeping,
Patiently crawling.

Sentiment so pure,
Believing so sure.
Beautifully affectionate,
Tenderly passionate.

Moment so magical,
Amazing yet sensational.
Wonderfully screaming,
Perfectly loving.

Wanting, trying, believing, loving.


Scribbling in pain
Thoughts can’t explain
On this midnight blue
Trying to let go.

Scribbling with love
Simple desire to have
On this empty paper
Longing to decipher.

Scribbling with hope
Maybe to cope
With the pen in use
Wishing yet confuse.

Scribbling to fancy
Images to see
With mind exploring
Avenue of loving.