I am no angel; I am no saint.
But you made me wanna be one.
I am best at words; worst at logic.
But you made me wanna learn.

You are antithecal of myself.
A rundown of what i loath.
You give me tough love.
Expressed sternly.

But as one we loved,

A love that cannot be broken,

Even when we part.



About michnavs

Celebrating life in rhythm and rhyme...
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21 Responses to Antithesis

  1. rosemawrites says:

    awww. this is one lovely piece, Mich! the love is overflowing. ❤

  2. Grace says:

    A lovely share Mich! You are welcome to join and link up your poem at D’verse. This Thursday at 3pm EST is our OpenLinkNight, where you can link up any of your poems for reading. Nice to meet you.

  3. Lovely expression of love. ❤

  4. beautifully expressed!!

    Kind Regards – K

  5. Beautifully expressed!

  6. That is awesome! Love the post so much!))

    Your blog is full of inspiration, seriously! Le’s be friends online?)))

  7. oglach says:

    Very well put. I can relate. Happy to have found your writing.

  8. Love can never be broken, it can never be undone…beautiful

  9. robin says:

    Wow! I love this poem. I would have loved to expound more on this if my English teacher would ask me back in school 🙂

    I can feel the love and the sadness

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