Strange thing inside,
Creeping through outside.
Inexplicably bizarre,
Truly peculiar.

Yearning to cry,
Wanting to try.
Humbly keeping,
Patiently crawling.

Sentiment so pure,
Believing so sure.
Beautifully affectionate,
Tenderly passionate.

Moment so magical,
Amazing yet sensational.
Wonderfully screaming,
Perfectly loving.

Wanting, trying, believing, loving.

31 Replies to “Loving”

  1. I’ve been beaten to the draw by your friends here. May I add, the beauty of the words, the emotions streaming through out the poem and the rhythm (beat) you maintained throughout each compliment the other. It’s am all-round hit!

  2. You know what really amazes me about this poem is how incredibly intimate it is, so tender and yet not one human or part of a human is mentioned. It’s so well done! It’s passionate and yet there’s a quietness about it, a kind of silence that comes with love and loving. Really great writing. Thank you for posting!

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