You are my happy memory of the past,

The joyful moment of the present,

And the hope and promise of the future..





What do you see?


What do you see?
Your dreams in an
Endless possibility;
Or a potential yet
To be explored?

What do you see?
Your beauty where no
Naked eye may see;
Or a charm yet
To be felt?

What do you see?
Your future in
Or a past yet
To be redeemed?

What do you see?
That no man has ever seen?




What we see depends actually on what we are looking for.



How do I forget
The day we met?
You were sweetly staring;
I was patiently waiting.

How do I resist
The smile I get?
You were joyfully talking;
I was sincerely listening.

How do I walk away
From the gentle touch, you pay?
You were carefully caressing;
I was nervously holding.

How do I run away
From you all day?
You were awkwardly caring;
I was silently rejoicing.

Do I ever forget?

Do I ever resist?

Should I walk away?

Should I run away?

Or should I face you bravely;
And say “it’s okay, I love it anyway”?