Marche @ Vivo City

I have been to Singapore many times. I love the city. And there is one restaurant that i have loved too.

It’s Marche in Vivo City.

I love the food. And i love the way foods are being ordered  and served.

As soon as you enter, they get you seated over a table where you will be most comfortable with. Then they hand you over a card which you will use to order food from the minifood stalls inside the restaurant. The incharge then would charge the amount of the food you order and you will have to pay for it as you exit. The cashier is located at the exit area.

It is a fun restaurant because you actualy get to do some sort of food shopping.

IMG-1472968009756-V.jpgmy personal favorite – Marinara Pasta20160904_144340



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16 Responses to Marche @ Vivo City

  1. rosemawrites says:

    oooh! now i am hungry (i just had my breakfast) haha! Never been to Singapore so maybe I have to take note of this! 😀

  2. Those shrimps look delicious! The way the store is organized, reminds me of Whole Foods in USA.

  3. I love shrimp
    I could eat fish three times a day
    And never get tired of it

  4. What a cool concept!

    Singapore is a city I have wanted to visit for years.

  5. Akhila says:

    it is rare thing to have satisfactory services especially in a restaurant… good that you observed it

  6. Oso Whispers says:

    What an exciting place you call home!

  7. sepultura13 says:

    The food looks excellent – what a great place to shop!

  8. Kally says:

    OMG! You’re in my hometown!!! Did you enjoy singapore?? How’s the humidity?

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