A passage out into

The vast expanse

Of the universe

A momentary glimpse

Of a heart and  soul

Seeking into the world

Going free,

Breaking forth,

Taking flight,





  1. Mich!
    In this ten line poem you have said everything that one could and that too in such few words.
    It is marvelous. The title is also Apt. In the image from the Window it could have been something showing a landscape or something that is bit vast, it is my opinion.
    Yesterday I was travelling got your message so I replied from my smart phone.
    Did you try the option I told you. One more is you go to your WP Admin and press the ‘Blogs I follow’ from there you go to the Manage notifications there you can “Enable” notifications.
    I am giving my Link for your perusal you can also ‘Book Mark’ my Page, so that you can always come directly to my site. I have done like that for some of my sites I regularly visit. You need not see for anything you can directly go to the site you want.
    My link:
    I am really very happy that some of my ardent readers whom I like are so interested to come to my site but they only are having this problem. I thank you all people here for the love and support you show. Please do reply and visit my blog, we shall have further discussions there. In my some of the latest posts your absence is being felt.
    Have a nice weekend.

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  2. Beautiful, yes we only get a short glimpse through our narrow gaze of our section of world within the vastness of space within the Universe. May we all break free to seek further and expand our awareness of our surroundings … loved your poem teamed with the image.. very apt . ❤ Sue

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