Full Moon




Scorned. Mourned.
I can forgo.

I can hate. I can spite.
I can let go.

Devotion. Affection.
I can only do.

For you on that evening;
When the night is beaming.

For you on a full moon;
When you hurt me soon.

Scorned. Mourned.
On that full moon,
I will never let go.

Poem for Zoe

I have a very heartbreaking story to tell. My youngest daughter who is 12 years old has a best friend of 6 years. Her name is Zoe.

Zoe has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer (yes a 12-year-old girl with ovarian cancer).. she underwent surgery last February 2016. Unfortunately, her situation worsened since then. After several chemotherapy sessions, blood transfusions, and other medical procedures; the doctors decided not to go through another surgery anymore.

Currently, Zoe has gone bald. There has been water retention in her body making her look like a pregnant young woman.

I cannot imagine how her family is coping.

As a mom myself I am deeply saddened by this. My daughter and Zoe literally grew up together.

This afternoon my daughter asked me to critique a poem she wrote for Zoe.



No matter what happens
No one will forget you
No matter how hard your feeling
No one will give up on you
No matter where life takes you
We will always be here for you

Fighting is hard but you fought coz you know you are strong
Believing in yourself is doubtful
But you believe coz you see
You never gave up
Because you know its not time to do so

What you feel today is hard but we’re always here for you
What you experience today is a blessing because no one gave up on you,
What you let us see that you are strong,
We’ll be glad that you let us know.



I almost broke down in tears reading it.  I have been with my daughter every time she visits Zoe since Zoe stopped school and I can honestly say that we can only hope for miracles…

I hope you guys pray for Zoe’s miracle too.


I Miss You

This poem appeared in my blog few years ago. I am reposting because i have current readers who may not able to see this.

This is worth the repost.



Three years had pass…

thought of you lingers,

memories so clear,

I can hold you really clear.

I miss you, I know for sure!

Three years had pass..

scent of you lingers,

running through the air,

I can kiss you near.

I miss you, I know for sure!

Three years had pass..

your soft cuddly touch embraces,

creeping through my being,

I can get closer even a thing.

I miss you , I know for sure!

Three years had pass..

hearing your sweet voice,

sincerely saying, “I love you baby”,

I can say ” I love you too, just stay”.

I miss you, I know for sure!

Three years had pass…

leaving me by surprise,

I was hurt, I was broken,

I can cry, I can scorn.

I miss you, I know for sure!

Three years had pass..

on this day in a mass,

I spoke to say goodbye,


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It’s daunted
It’s haunted.

There’s emptiness
There’s sadness.

Reminds of love
So high above.

I can be there forever
we could be together.

Its daunted, it’s haunted.
“I’ll you see later… dad”



In loving memory of my dad who passed away years ago. I have been thinking of him lately and I know I haven’t been able to visit him often.
“I promise dad, I will see you soon.”