Cupid has a Gun

You call out love; i gave you loath

I am kind; i am polite

You need affection; i present you with abomination

I give out joy; i give out pleasure

You want sympathy; i give you calousness

I am nice and i am sweet

But i could be your devil in a halo.

In response to NovemberNotes challenge hosted by Theresa Doughty of Hearstrings Eulogies and Rosema of A Reading Writer.

Day 9 prompt: Cupid has a Gun by Marilyn Manson



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14 Responses to Cupid has a Gun

  1. Davy D says:

    A nice poem and take on today’s prompt Mich. I had to read it a few times and then a small devil appeared on my shoulder and we had the conversation again 🙂

  2. An interesting poem 🙂 I need perhaps to go listen to that tune.. as I am not familiar with it.. 🙂

    Just did and now your poem makes perfect sense.. well done.. 🙂 ❤

  3. Dead Donovan says:

    I like the image of Cupid with a gun, and am scared by it, as well. Excellent point of view, Mich.


  4. mandibelle16 says:

    Great take. The last line definintly makes one think. An interesting offer …

  5. NJ says:

    Good old chubby lil cherub is now spooky! And a devil, indeed.

  6. rosemawrites says:

    that last line is sooooooooo haunting! GREAT job!!!

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