Breathe, i tell myself to breathe
I can’t afford to cry
In front of those who don’t know
The reason why

I lie

About how i feel.

Please don’t be real
Be a figment of my dreams
Don’t have a face

I lie

About what i see
Blinded by the chaos of this city.

In response to NovemberNotes challenge by Sarah of Hearstring Eulogies and Rosema of A Reading Writerl



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Celebrating life in rhythm and rhyme...
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11 Responses to Breathe

  1. NJ says:

    Oh dear! After reading memories, I read this and all I want to do is send tons of hugs across ❤ ❤

  2. Davy D says:

    Beautiful poem Mich 🙂

  3. Lying to ourselves can be a form of self preservation; especially if the truth is too devastating to face. Powerful poem. ❤️

  4. This was deep.. And I doubt there are many who have not lied to themselves .. ❤ the courage is in facing the truth and taking off the masks worn. ❤ xxx

  5. mandibelle16 says:

    So sad she cannot cry? Or she is and she’s lying. So sad she is blinded by the city lights and the person she wonders why, does not see her.

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