When it hurt
It hurt so bad.

So bad i can’t cry
I am numbed.

Till it shuttered
I died.

The pain goes in forgetting;
The meaning of hurting.

In response to NovemberNotes challenge hosted by Theresa Doughty of Hearstrings Eulogies and Rosema of A Reading Writer.

Day 18 Prompt: Meaning by Gavin DeGraw


16 Replies to “Hurt”

  1. I’m green regarding responding to poetry. But I appreciated this. It reminded me of the intense feelings after my father died. I did cry. But there was still something so beautiful about the intensity of those feelings that must be now conjured up – but will never be quite felt so intensely.

    1. Its always a joy to know that somewhere accross the globe i may have been able to reach out to some one else’s emotion through my poetry..i am delighted indeed…

      I hope your well now..

  2. Illustrated well. That numb feeling before the truth finally hits. Yes, forgetting, moving on, they take a while. I don’t think the hole a loved one leaves ever fully heals, but other people, time, etc help to create new areas of life to engage in, to make the pain less.

  3. This touches my soul in so many ways. Yes, pain is extremely hurtful. No matter how hard a blow is dealt. But, with the help of time and loved ones, we learn to deal with it. This is extremely beautiful, Mich πŸ™‚

  4. An excellent and hard hitting poem MIch and one that makes you search deep into your emotions. I think with time, when we experience the hurt, it never goes away but we learn to deal with it in a different way. As you say these events help to make us stronger.

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