I’m screaming your name

In the middle of nowhere

At 2 m

In a raging thunderstorm

Our bodies are small

But our hearts are as big as the world

It’s big enough for everyone we love

Our days are dark

But our hearts are brighter than the sun

It’s enough for everyone.


In response to NovemberNotes challenge by Theresa  of Heartstring Eulogies and Rosema of A Reading Writer

Day 20 prompt: Floodgates by Colbie Cailat



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14 Responses to Scream

  1. Davy D says:

    Love this one MIch. The line “At 2 m” stops you in your tracks. There are so many interpretations of this that take the poem in different directions.

  2. rosemawrites says:

    “Our bodies are small

    But our hearts are as big as the world”

    Wooow! such an intense poem! 🙂

  3. Dead Donovan says:

    Screaming is thrilling to me! Your words made me tremble.


  4. mandibelle16 says:

    I like the line, our hearts are brighter then the sun. It’s beautiful 🙂

  5. 👌 What a scream this is.
    Beautiful Mich!
    I just loved that… our bodies are small but our heart as big as the world.👌

  6. small bodies + big hearts = hope! 🙂 💜 Jackie@KWH

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