With the thoughts of tomorrow…

That may never actually come…


In response to NovemberNotes challenge by Sarah of Heartstrings Eulogy and Rosema of A Reading Writer.


DAY 27: This Night by Black lab

About michnavs

Celebrating life in rhythm and rhyme...
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20 Responses to Tonight

  1. Davy D says:

    Excellent Mich. Your poems have been a pleasure to read during this challenge. I am looking forward to the last few🙂

  2. rosemawrites says:

    oh. oh dear…. so much. so much in so few!

  3. Tomorrow never does come does it?… Lets always live in the NOW.. Hugs to you🙂

  4. NJ says:

    Yup. So true. Who knows whether tomorrow will come or no.

  5. Tonight is what matters; especially if you’re with the one you love. So true. Tomorrow is never promised to anyone. Superb words!

  6. Love the way this ends.

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