Turn the Table

Let’s reverse the plan

change the situation

let’s gain the upper hand

turn back time

to the day it started

day one of November notes.

This is also in conclusion to the challenge; and what better way to thank Sarah and Rosema for hosting this challenge than thru a short poetry like this.

Thank you to both of you for pushing my limits and making me go beyond my boundaries as a writer. The challenge has made me write themes that i thought i could never actually write.

Day 30 prompt:Turning Tables by Adelenovember-notes-4

21 Replies to “Turn the Table”

  1. A clever take Mich and so the circle closes and another journey begins. I have enjoyed reading your prose and poetry through this challenge and would also like to say a big thanks for reading and commenting on my work. Keep in touch and I’m looking forward to reading more of your work πŸ™‚

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