I Love You No More

  I always thought I knew What love has done to a few It destroyed, it smashed! Feelings Oh! all rushed.   I always believed I’ve seen What love has done to men It broke, It burned! Loving oh! all doomed.   I always thought I was right  What I did for love so tightContinue reading “I Love You No More”

Between the Lines

Unspoken words, I heard for the first time Twas scornfully fair Yet romantically dear.   Uncleared intentions, I resolved this moment. So spitefully adoring But clearly confusing.   Unfelt fondness, Relished by now. How painstakingly fragile And affectionately frail.   You hurt me. You broke me.   Day Four Prompt: Between The Lines – Sara BareillesContinue reading “Between the Lines”

The Other Side of Paradise

Rockin’ and rollin’ my heart is when its kicken’ Silly and giddy When you are ditzy.   Young love,  Oh so sweet love Hopeless and strange When romance exchange.   You and I will dance Give ourselves a chance Come and let’s ride Take the other side   Unto paradise…     Day three prompt:Continue reading “The Other Side of Paradise”

Details in the Fabric

I see you I felt you as I move fast the downtown alley your beautiful I know the scent of you smell hunts me everywhere I go you are there I feel you in all of my senses you’re just like a detail in the fabric gone as worn drenched when soaked tattered in timeContinue reading “Details in the Fabric”


A little less than, very near not quite Always within an inch, borderline Practically somewhere, nearly Virtually within an inch Just about pretty much As good as it gets Approximate Relative Almost YOU…   P. S. An Etheree consists of ten lines of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 syllables It can also be reversed and written 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 In responseContinue reading “Almost”