Poem: Free Verse – “Prayer for the Small Things” #amwriting #poetry #prayer

This is such a beautiful poem from the lovely Mandy..

I am sharing this because i believe if we can all be as grateful as the speaker in the poem is…life would be better..

Gratefulness amidst difficulties and inconviniences…


Credit: Saatchi Art – Thank God For Women Legs by Thomas Saliot

Oh Lord, thank God for the small things,

The words and acts of kindness,

Which help me through the day.

Thank God for the small things,

Each day I’m fed,

I’ve many clothes to wear.

Thank you that I too can be generous,

That you gave me aMotherwho taught —

Her daughter to be thoughtful,

So I wouldn’t think only of myself.

And even when I’m hurt and crying,

I can see a silverlining in that cloud.


Lord, thank you for the small things,

A life I’m given to live,

No matter how battered or bruised,

You’re my armour and you never leave.

Your champions wage,

Though the whirlpool may swallow;

You bring us through to the other side.

New blessings each day,

More than we need

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6 Replies to “Poem: Free Verse – “Prayer for the Small Things” #amwriting #poetry #prayer”

  1. Thank you for sharing it.The innumerable blessings of our everyday life are taken for granted as we crave for things beyond our need and reach. The joy of smile,a hug ,the sharing the caring ,the sunshine the breath of air and…………..everything makes life worth living . 🙂 🙂

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