Where Are You?

Where are you?

The girl i used to be

The effervescent me?

Did he take you away?

Along with all my better days?

I wished would stay…

How are you?

The girl I used to be

The effervescent me?

Will you ever be back?

Your death was like a heart attack

Now life i lack…

The music makes me numb

Makes me wanna succumb

To loneliness, for the rest of my life.

There’s a pain in my chest

That i cannot resist…


Every teen age girl’s anxiety…

23 Replies to “Where Are You?”

  1. WoW!!! such sadness……..regret…….and longing the time turns back……perfectly captured!! loved this!! 🙂 🙂

  2. People think what was,stays the same. Why we aren’t like we were before. But experiences change us for good and for bad. They leave their mark. So you’ll never be this person from the past but you can make an effort to be a happier and more energetic you now — in the present. Get involved in life, learn new things, new skills — knowledge is portable. He can’t take anything you’re not willing to give. Even if you’re left with pieces, you are stronger than you think and able to rebuild better than before, knowing that much more. I guess my advice to a teenage girl! Though she’d probably ignore me lol

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