Love in 2017

And even though you hurt me

I would never hurt you

Because your happiness sustains me

Even though my pain sustains you.




Happy new year everyone. May 2017 brings joy, love, prosperity and peace to all of you.

May we also continue to love even though at times we don’t get to be loved back…that’s how it is… and that’s how it should be.

I didn’t mean to kick the year off with a seemingly sad poem. Nahh this is not actually a sad one. It is something that i personally would want myself to be reminded of: to continue to love and care even if we are hurt and torn apart..


45 Replies to “Love in 2017”

  1. Happy 2017 Mich. You are right, this excellent poem can be viewed from a number of perspectives. Most relationships experience this and it can make them stronger.

  2. The way I see it is that you are a wonderful human being πŸ™‚ You’d rather spread love and joy than pain. That’s the beauty of your heart ❀

  3. Mich! This is LOVE for all times, why only 2017.
    You seem to practice it and now preach it. One who loves this way is bound to receive it back in bundles,I mean it is their privilege to receive. Hurt, Pain and Happiness are part and parcel of Love My Dear.

  4. This poem is heart-wrenching. There’s beauty in it, and I kept re-reading the lines, but this poem is like a bad relationship… This may not be the popular opinion, but, sometimes, despite how much someone else’s happiness sustains you, you have to let that person go for your health and wellbeing. Even if, at the time, it seems like the unhealthy thing to do is let that person go. I wonder how this person’s emotions would evolve, if this poem became but one chapter in a series of poems…

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